Scientists Uncover Metabolic Goldmine in Ancient South American Root

Life & Food releases for sale dual purpose low calorie sweetener/metabolism boost.

— Thanks to America’s Doctor, Dr. Oz, doing a tv show last month where he was the first to bring to a mass audience the remarkable health benefits of Yacon root syrup, this metabolic powerhouse extracted from a simple root vegetable has pulled up the nutrition and weight loss supplement market by its roots.

There are now dozens of Yacon root syrup products being sold online, all of which claim they are 100% pure, but only a select few meet the same strict quality standards as Life and Food’s new raw organic Yacon Root Syrup (USDA/ECOCERT approved ingredient) from the fields of Peru. This new premium quality Yacon Root Syrup was released by Life and Food earlier this month, and their email subscribers even receive a generous 25% discount on this new supplement.

Many animal studies and several human studies have been carried out on Yacon syrup, but the study that is drawing the most minds and wallets to Yacon was conducted by researchers in Argentina on obese women with insulin resistance - the population that arguably stands the most to gain from a powerhouse metabolic booster like Yacon root. During the course of this 120 day study, some unexpectedly beneficial changes occurred in the subjects that not only opened the researchers’ eyes to the health promise of Yacon root, but the eyes of supplement manufacturers and health conscious people everywhere.

Almost every single physiological variable measured in this study changed in the direction of improving the subjects’ health, which is virtually unheard of in any study of a nutritional supplement. Most eye catching of all positive changes was a 33 lb. decrease in weight, which is about 2 lbs. lost per week, and a remarkable 6 point decrease in BMI. These results in human studies of nutritional supplements are nearly unparalleled, as most nutritional/weight loss supplements produce no more than 1 lb. of weight loss per week. The decrease in BMI changed many of the subjects’ weight status from obese to just overweight in just 120 days, which for many people will be a positively life altering change.

What is really unique about Yacon root syrup among nutritional supplements is that it has the highest FOS content of any known plant at up to 50%, making its root extracts the perfect FOS health supplement for people with illnesses like diabetes that FOS has been shown to positively effect in studies. What does America’s Doctor have to say about the potent metabolic power of Yacon root? Dr. Oz is as excited about Yacon root as any nutritional supplement he has studied thus far, saying “Now this is why I’m passionate about it, it’s not just about losing weight. Yes you’ll get that, and I know that’s why people will try this, but if it can get your blood sugar down that’s a goldmine for us when it comes to your health.”

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