Schools Closed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, Best Time To Re-evaluate Systems

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Times may be uncertain, but that doesn't mean you should let your servers sit there gathering dust up. Find out in this article exactly how you can take advantage of this situation

Times are uncertain, that’s for sure.

Schools have been shut to the majority of staff and students, with only a select few staying open in order to support the key workers children. This has relaxed a lot of network strain that comes from heavy IT use within the education sector, with less students logging into the network on a daily basis, clogging up processes, now is the time to re-evaluate how your systems all operate.

When it comes to ICT support within the education sector, there are numerous specific requirements and challenges that need to be considered when setting up. Two primary examples of the main requirements are the avoidance of server downtime and general security.

In the education setting, downtime can be disasterous and disruptive to classrooms across the whole school, when something goes wrong, this can stop students accessing specific course material, saving their documents to the network or even worse, not being able to log into the network at all.

One of the ways you can prevent server downtime from occuring, is ensure that the school system has the most appropriate software installed, that all software is patched and not exploitable and making sure that staff are well rehearsed in maintaining the equipment you currently own. Amazingly, there is a high number of people who work in ICT support roles within schools that aren’t entirely competant with the software they are using.

As well as this, security is another concern.

Students can be considered vulnerable and their data could potentially be accessible by people from the outside world, which is an issue you do not want to face that could cause serious concern and complications.

Does this sound like your school?

Well now more than ever, it’s worth taking the time to evaluate how your systems work. The current novel coronavirus pandemic that’s, unfortunately, taking over the world might be the best time to reconsider your schools options. With less strain on servers and more free-time than ever before, you can improve your schools network and completely train your staff in the time before schools re-open again, allowing a smoother return to education when the restrictions are lifted.

This is where TNSC can help your school out, introducing to us today their new IT support for schools service. The Network Support Company Limited have a mission, that mission is to provide all schools with the reliable IT support that they deserve and rightly need. Speaking to greg, the founder and managing director of TNSC, he explained to us:

“We offer extraordinarily wide-reaching ICT services, mostly for schools and other educational institutions but not limited. We here at TNSC believe every school should be supported properly, nurturing them to grow just like the teachers do to the students, regardless of their status, size or budget”.

TNSC’s skills clearly show, too. Amazingly, they managed to negotiate a whopping reduction of 40% in one case studies internet connection charges, whilst also migrating their application to sharepoint, once again removing the need for another expensive external contract.

If you’re a student, teacher or even IT worker at a school you believe could benefit from a modern-day networking revamp, then don’t look further, simply have a look at The Network Support Company Limited and what they have to offer.

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