Schiz Life Rolls Out Schizophrenia Test So Individuals Can Test Their Shizotypy From Home

Schiz Life has created a Schizophrenia Test that can help individuals identify symptoms and experiences associated with schizophrenia to provide users a likelihood of them suffering from the disease.

— Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental illness that is often characterized by paranoia, delusions and hallucinations, but is surprisingly and increasingly common in the human population. Despite this, ‘schizo’ has been shorthand for crazy and dangerous for a long time, despite most schizophrenics actively coping with their disease. Schiz Life has created a schizophrenia test that allows users to identify how likely they might be to have the mental illness.

Schiz Life is a lifestyle magazine site and community forum for those with or interested in Schizophrenia, and provides a uniquely open forum that aims to allow those diagnosed with Schizophrenia to share and express themselves in a variety of ways, ridding them of the stigma that has long been associated with the condition.

The site offers a forum for discussion, as well as a resource center describing symptoms, treatments, coping strategies, the impact of culture and spirituality. The site even has a popular showcase for artwork of various forms created by schizophrenics.

Their mission to remove the negative associations with the disease takes a ‘knowledge is power’ approach, with non-judgmental articles written and published by a team of content producers including the etiology of schizophrenia, case studies, famous sufferers, and even reasons to be thankful for schizophrenia.

A spokesperson for Schiz Life explained, “The schizophrenia test was developed using the criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fourth edition, which is the standard text by which psychiatrists diagnose patients. Though we certainly do not claim that this test is a definitive indicator of the presence or absence of schizophrenia, those with a high schizotypy score resulting from the test may wish to consider reaching out to a psychiatrist for consultation. We are all about having an open approach to this disease, and if we can help individuals identify it earlier and find treatment, we are doing our jobs.”

About Schiz Life:
Schiz Life is the number one community on the internet where individuals can learn about and share their experiences of schizophrenia. The site takes seriously its responsibility to educate visitors about this debilitating condition, however one of the main focuses of the community is to dispel the negative associations and taboo’s surrounding schizophrenia by providing a place where people feel comfortable asking questions, seeking knowledge, gaining support and sharing everything from their experiences to their artwork.

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