Save US Mail Announces Launch: Free Snail Mail Kits and Mail Your Rep Campaign

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Save US Mail announces the launch of the Mail Your Rep Campaign and a free downloadable Snail Mail Kit. Organization celebrates 245 years of the U.S. Postal Service.

A new non-profit called Save U.S. Mail has been formed by GR West, CEO of AGR, Inc.; Katie Coates, President of The PR Secrets; Alice Sevareid, a retired teacher; and Jan Byers, a graphic artist. They are working together on their newest launch, aimed at saving the U.S. Postal Service. They have created the Mail Your Rep Campaign and a free Snail Mail Kit for kids of all ages, from a year old through 101. With common experiences living overseas, working in government, and serving the public, they are committed to getting the word out that the U.S. Postal Service is worth saving.

They are announcing the official launch in celebration of the formation of the U.S. Postal Service in July 1775, 245 years ago this month.

Interested parties can get more information on the following website:

With the launch of the Mail Your Rep Campaign, Save U.S. Mail will be sharing multiple responsibilities including:

· Getting the word out to the public about the need to save the U.S. Postal Service.

· Urging those who see the value in the Post Office and its preservation to communicate with elected representatives about the importance of saving the post office.

· Reminding our elected representatives how much we enjoy writing letters to Santa, sending picture postcards while traveling, exchanging recipes, and sending and receiving wedding invitations and graduation announcements. Christmas, birthday, and other holiday cards are a very important part of our communication, as well.

The free Snail Mail Kit has been created specifically for everyone who loves mail. The campaign has multiple features:

· Inspiring enthusiasm among children of all ages – one through 101 – to get excited about saving the post office and using their services.

· Providing learning opportunities for kids who are at home during the summer and those who are homeschooling by teaching kids how to write and address a letter.

· Offering a fun, free craft item that lets kids print out an envelope template and create their own envelope at home, along with a free Save U.S. Mail letterhead sheet they can use to communicate with elected representatives, friends, and family.

· Getting children involved by encouraging parents and other homeschoolers to teach children about the importance of the post office through fun activities.

· Offering fascinating history lessons that illustrate how the post office has always been very important. Save U.S. Mail offers a free lesson plan that shows how historic letters, important campaigns, etc. have always been sent through the mail.

GR West, CEO of AGR, Inc. had this to say about the new Save U.S. Mail non-profit, “We are committed to working together to save and keep our U.S. Postal Service intact and functioning as a national resource. It has been a very important part of the development of our nation and is worth keeping. Even in times of national emergency, quarantine, and bad weather, we still get the mail. Everyone I know loves to get snail mail and we’re so thankful that the mail continues to be delivered every day.”

Those interested in learning more about the partnership can do so here: Those interested in getting involved in the Mail Your Rep Campaign or downloading the free Snail Mail Kit can do so here:

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