Sasquatch Spotted Getting Married in North Cascades National Park

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Marie Vanderpool Photography is a husband and wife team who travel worldwide capturing weddings on camera. They are available for hire in Seattle, their home base, and internationally.

Seattle, WA – In a historically unprecedented event, the wedding of two sasquatches has been captured by Marie Vanderpool Photography, an adventure elopement photography group located in the Pacific Northwest. The union of Sasquatcha and Sasquatcho Bigfoot was documented by Marie Vanderpool, who also helped the couple plan the small, private elopement in the North Cascades National Park.

The sasquatch pair’s North Cascades National Park elopement was the first of its kind to be documented openly. Reportedly, the two met in the same area while stealing apples from local campsites. Sasquatches are notoriously difficult to take pictures of but are known to be sighted in the Pacific Northwest on occasion. This is the first known wedding to occur between two members of the species, and the two have stated their satisfaction with the services of Marie Vanderpool Photography. The company is the first to be openly contacted by sasquatches.

Founded by Marie and Evan Vanderpool, the Seattle-based elopement photography company specializes in capturing small ceremonies in the Pacific Northwest and has gained notoriety in the adventure elopement photography industry, a niche field involving photographers who travel to remote natural locales for small destination weddings.

Many couples are taking note of what distinguishes Marie Vanderpool Photography from their contemporaries – namely, the company’s dedication to capturing intimate, candid moments of couples that portray them at their most earnest and open, something staged photoshoots often struggle with. This unique artistic philosophy is what drew Sasquatcha and Sasquatcho Bigfoot to Marie Vanderpool Photography for their National Park wedding, as the couple struggled to find a photographer who was both sensitive to their camera shyness and could fulfill their artistic needs at the ceremony. The private event was ordained by Evan Vanderpool.

The adventure elopement industry has been growing in popularity in recent years, favored by couples looking for alternatives to traditional wedding ceremonies. The Pacific Northwest is particularly favored by those interested in adventure elopement because of the region’s abundance of undeveloped forests and mountains. Marie Vanderpool Photography is based in Washington, though the group is available to travel for weddings and elopements around the globe and regularly travels throughout the year to new destinations.

The newly wedded Bigfoots have reportedly returned to seclusion within the North Cascades National Park for their honeymoon. Both humans and sasquatches alike can contact Marie Vanderpool Photography for more information on bookings for adventure elopements.

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