Sapio Sciences Discusses The Increase in Demand for Lab Management Software

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Sapio Sciences discusses the increase in demand for lab management software and how their solution can help drive the industry forward.

With an increasing need and demand for lab management software, Sapio Sciences have reached out to our editors to discuss with us their lab management software and how their software’s configurable technology and workflow templates can assist labs in completing projects in just a fraction of the time and cost incurred through the use of other lab management software solutions.

One of the main things labs ask is “Why move to a new solution?” and the reason is simple, most of them are using spreadsheets and outdated software to perform sample tracking and these methods are simply obsolete in the modern age of technology. They lack proper traceability, searching, and other key efficiency features like instrument automation which in turn, decreases lab efficiency while also delivering improper data reporting.

Another point worth noting is that labs should be looking towards the future where scaling is going to be a critical necessity and one thing that is certain to come with scaling, is the volume of data increases. This is another reason why it is imperative to opt for a reliable lab management tool that can cope with the huge data volumes created through the usage of multiple data points and is capable of loading it all in a timely manner, without a performance dip in the system.

By making use of Exemplar ELN it becomes possible for labs to easily setup and configure processes that collect all key information required. What Exemplar then does is enable targeted searching to enable lab technicians easy access to valuable information. One feature that puts Sapio Sciences’ lab management software leaps and bounds beyond its competition are that it includes built-in charting, allowing users to take any search result and visualize it immediately within the software, as well as tracking all turnaround time metrics for easy performance insights.

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