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Sandsaver Continues to Prove Function as Beach Ersoion Solution

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Sandsaver, a rotomolded beach erosion barrier continues to prove as an effective, natural solution to beach erosion.

— Beaches continue to be a major topic of discussion this year, as crowded beaches made headlines throughout the summer of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many parts of the United States experienced various levels of shelter in place or lockdown orders at some point during the pandemic; however beaches all along the East Coast, Southeast or West Coast of the United States witnessed crowds of people looking for some form of relaxation or entertainment as the virus spread across the globe. Long before the coronavirus canceled family vacations and trips, beaches were and will continue to be the number 1 tourist destination for vacations all across the globe.

Beach erosion issues plague coastal communities all across the World each year for billions of dollars in damages and property loss. Many coastal communities have been already faced with ailing budget shortfalls prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Pairing the reduced budgets with the billions of damage and property loss caused by beach erosion or storms and the impeding financial decisions become even more difficult for city and municipality decision makers. The decisions only become even more difficult when the exuberant, yet temporary costs of beach re-nourishment are taken into the true equation of final costs.

The Sandsaver, a beach erosion barrier manufactured via the rotomolding process has started gaining international attraction and acclaim as a natural solution to beach erosion after its installations on 2 different continents. In early part of 2020, the Sandsaver was installed at a luxurious, 5 star resort in Kenya on the Indian Ocean in effort to combat beach erosion issues that plagued the resort for years, while re-nourishing the sand on the Indian Ocean beach. In just 6 short months, the Sandsaver modules had already accreted over 30,000 cubic yards of sand and increased the width profile of the Indian Ocean beach by more than 200 feet in some areas.

The Sandsaver is a proprietary product, designed, produced and patented by Granger Plastics Company, an Ohio based rotomolding company. Granger’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of rotational molding is demonstrated by the groundbreaking beach re-nourishment product and the success the product has seen being installed in multiple bodies of water. The Sandsaver benefits from its rotational molding construction as the unit is able to withstand the strong, repetitive forces of Mother Nature, while allowing for the surf to travel thru the tapered openings of the Sandsaver module, carrying sand in the water column of the surf. Once the sand travels thru the tapered openings of the Sandsaver module, the sand has time to settle on the beach side of the module while the surf attempts to retreat back to the body of water. The repetitive wave action, sand content and broken down wave energy allow for the modules to become completely covered in sand.

The Sandsaver is a patented and trademarked product by The Granger Plastics Company of Middletown, Ohio. Granger is an internationally recognized Rotational Molding leader, who has worked for over 10 years to secure a Sandsaver installation. Granger Plastics Company is a division of Granger Industries Inc., which also includes Granger Aerospace Products, ForeverSafe Products and the Granger ISS Underground Tornado Shelter. Now with multiple successful, positive installations, Granger looks for additional opportunities to provide beach erosion solutions all over the world. For more information on the Sandsaver, please visit

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