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Fitness sandbags the latest craze in age-old exercise routines reports

— As a New Year's Resolution, weight loss is perpetually at the top of yearly lists for most popular resolutions. However, along with the trend to lose weight, still others are seeking to get in better shape, too. With this trend in mind, owner Dale Kirksey has launched a campaign to make muscle building enthusiasts aware of the benefits of exercise sandbags. Says Kirksey, "Sandbag workouts are as old as the sand. Some of these exercises are new to sandbag training, and some are as old as the sand. I cannot overemphasize the importance and effectiveness of sandbag training. In my opinion, it is superior to any iron training."

The benefits of sandbag training are many, says Kirksey of this workout type made popular by the military and martial arts communities. "The physics of lifting a shifty, unstable bag of sand puts greater stress on both your superficial and your stabilizer muscles, producing a superior workout. The same weight feels twice as heavy in a training sandbag as in iron. So, expect to lift half the weight with twice the benefits with sand."

Kirksey goes on to explain another reason for the rising popularity of fitness sandbags is the portability and compactness. "Workout sandbags are a compact, portable, and extremely effective way of strength training. Whether you plan to train in your home gym, garage or outside, the sandbag is the perfect answer. If you travel, you can take an empty bag with you and fill it when you arrive. This is not a luxury provided by traditional weights."

Continuing, Kirksey explains, "Fitness sandbags are a great tool for people who do a wide range of workouts. We have workout sandbags for Crossfit WOD's and exercise sandbags for athletes who train for all sports. One of the best things about fitness sandbags is that they work both prime mover and stabilizer muscles simultaneously."

To make the best use of the bags, Kirksey explains how to fill the bags, saying, "The sandbag is made to be filled to 3/4 to 9/10 of its absolute maximum capacity. Do not fill it until it is not flexible, as that defeats the purpose of sandbag training. Use clean, dry sand from a home center, buying their 50 pound bags of play sand. Fill the small size to 30-40 pounds, medium to 70-80, large to 100-120, and extra large from 120-160."

Concluding, Kirksey says, "A fitness sandbag is not an adjustable dumbbell, in our opinion. It is a tool to be used for hundreds of exercises. The adjustment can be made by either using different sized sandbags or varying the number of reps per exercise. We urge everyone to try them, but more than anything, we urge you to get up and move. Do something."

SANDFITUSA is the third generation of sandbags sold by the company, having sold sandbags since 2011 under the FITBODYGEAR and DGKFIT names While using the duffel-bag style of sandbag for 3 years, the company has designed a simpler but more effective design for the fitness sandbag. SANDFITUSA prides itself on their made in the USA products as well as the strong, durable workmanship.

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