San Gabriel Endermologie Skin Care Treatment LPG Beauty Service Announced

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A new non invasive beauty and skincare technology has been acquired by DSC Laser & Skin Care Center in California. The LPG endermologie technology gently stimulates the skin for a fresher, more vibrant look.

DSC Laser & Skin Care Center in San Gabriel, CA, has announced it has acquired a new machine, called the LPG M6, which does endermologie body and face treatments. This is a non invasive method for younger and more vibrant looking skin.

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The new LPG endermologie technology is made in France, and is designed to gently stimulate the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity. This means it is completely natural and painless for anyone wanting more visible results without any side effects.

DSC Laser & Skin Care Center is known for its high quality service. It has always been customer oriented, and puts customers first with each laser or skin care service it offers.

Through a range of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, it helps people to look and feel their best. With laser and filler treatments, skin care services, and cosmetic treatments, it helps people to look and feel their best.

This means anyone around Los Angeles or San Gabriel Valley wanting cutting edge laser treatments, fillers, wrinkle injections, or skin and body care treatments can get in touch knowing they’ll get the best service.

Run by Dr Tony K Shum, who has been in practice for over 30 years, it offers a range of treatments to suit the needs and style of any customer.

As well as aesthetic laser treatments, DSC Beauty provides beauty and skin care options for anyone wanting to feel better about themselves. These include acne skin care, facials, step by step skin care, whitening and rejuvenation, moisturizing, sensitive skin treatments, and more.

DSC Laser & Skin Care Center states: “We have been supporting the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley area for more than a decade. Our minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments have helped many clients achieve their beauty goals, while our skin care services also help them maintain that perfect appearance.”

Full details can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

Contact Info:
Name: Kit Man Shum/Queenie Leung
Organization: DSC Laser and Skin Care Center
Address: 889 South San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel, CA 91776, United States
Phone: +1-626-285-0800

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