San Francisco CA Duckweed Removal Tule Algae Cattail Non Toxic Service Launched

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DK Environmental, California's leading aquatic weed and removal service has launched Duckweed removal for all area lakes and ponds. Anyone with a Duckweed problem is encouraged to call them today.

DK Environmental has launched duckweed Removal services for the lakes and ponds of San Francisco and the surrounding area. This 35-year-old aquatic weed specialist uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly methods to remove aquatic weeds. It’s gamut of services now includes Duckweed removal.

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The launch of duckweed control and removal services by DK Environmental was prompted by calls for help from lake and pond owners and managers asking for help in the removal of this plant. Genus Lemna is commonly known as duckweed and can double every 24-36 hours. This fact makes it one of the fastest-growing aquatic plants in the lakes and ponds of San Francisco. If not carefully managed it can take over lakes, ponds, open water reservoirs, channels, and other waterways in a matter of weeks.

Duckweed and related genera of the duckweed family are the smallest flowering plants on earth. Individual plants consist of a single, flat oval leaf which technically is a modified stem is no more than ¼ of an inch long and float on the surface of still-moving ponds, lakes, and sloughs.

DK Environmental has a fleet of machinery that has been modified for Duckweed removal. The machines float in the water and can reach the entire perimeter of the lakes and ponds in the San Francisco area. They allow the operator to remove unwanted aquatic plants without disturbing the surrounding habitat in any manner. They can remove and control aquatic growth without the use of chemicals and have removed a broad variety of vegetation including cattails, tule, algae, and now duckweed.

Since they use machines and not chemicals to remove Duckweed, the property owner can use it to feed chickens, horses, cattle, and fish. If the lake owner or manager has does not need the removed Duckweed, DK Environmental will dispose of it for them. Presently, DK Environmental is exploring various new avenues to utilize the removed Duckweed as it contains a high level of protein and is a renewal source of feed for livestock.

The launch of duckweed removal services by DK Environmental provides area lake and pond owners a safe and effective means of control to ensure the vitality of their waterways. Anyone experiencing uncontrolled Duckweed growth is encouraged to call the company today and book a complimentary to explore their options.

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