San Diego Birth Education Pain Management & Relief Hypnobirthing Del Mar Classes

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Looking to empower women during childbirth, the Birth Education Center (858-251-4204), a childbirth educator in San Diego, have launched pain management and relief hypnobirthing classes. These unique classes for women and their partner allow movement beyond fear to create an amazing birthing experience.

Based in San Diego, California, the Birth Education Center, a women’s workshop and resource provider during pregnancy, have released hypnobirthing classes so women can manage and relieve pain via breathing, relaxation, visualization and fear recognition during birth. By enabling women to believe in their body’s ability to birth and their ability to enjoy the natural birthing process, the Birth Education Center’s hypnobirthing classes offer women an alternative to medication while in labor.

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The hypnobirthing classes span over 5-weeks and involve a birthing partner. A partner is the key component of hypnobirthing and together with the trainer, all three work together to achieve birthing goals.

Empowering women and their partner to take control of their birth from the onset, and to manage their pain and fears; the hypnobirthing classes offer birthing wisdom to provide a positive mindset throughout the birth. Overall, hypnobirthing creates a powerful birth and helps to avoid potential problems.

Offering Hypnobirthing classes in Del Mar, North Park and North County, the Birth Education Center website also has an easy booking facility online. Plus, the site has a hypnobirthing calendar, so parents to be can find a location near them on their day of preference.

Looking to empower parents through education, the Birth Education Center offers the facts of birth as well as options. Also, they provide a safe place for parents to explore their options and to ask questions, so they make informed decisions.

When asked about the hypnobirthing classes, a participant said, “I’m a first-time mom. So, my midwife suggested that I try hypnobirthing. When she said this, I thought hypnobirthing sounds like some hippie thing to do. I said that I was fairly organic already, but I would look into it. So, I read the hypnobirth book, and it changed my mindset about the class. After reading this, I took the hypnobirthing class. It was transformative. It offered so many useful details and information that I used in my birth. But, what it also provided was the self-confidence that you can do this unmedicated.”

To find out more about the Birth Education Center and hypnobirthing classes, call 858-251-4204 or visit them on facebook at

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Phone: +1-858-251-4204

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