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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Safe365 Mobile App Brings Social Media and Safety to Today’s Seniors

Safe365 Mobile App Brings Social Media and Safety to Today’s Seniors

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Safe365 -a leading family locator mobile app, aims at bringing into effect the overall safety of your family members through social media.

— According to Pew Research Center: Older Adults and Technology Use, older adults have trouble adopting new technologies for several reasons, some of which include skeptical attitudes, difficulties learning new technologies, and less smartphone usage. According to Inconvenient Truths about Social Media and Seniors, only 47% of seniors using the Internet participate in social media activity. Although there is not a high percentage of elders using technological devices, there are reasons to believe that digital devices and social media are beneficial for seniors and their everyday lives.

Technological Device Usage Among Elders

According to the Pew Research Center: Social Media Fact Sheet, older adults from ages 65 and above use social media sites the least. 46% use Facebook, 8% use Instagram, and 11% use LinkedIn compared to the younger group of adults whose percentage of social media usage is significantly higher. Most elders need assistance when using technological devices; only 18% of elders said they felt comfortable using a tablet or smartphone on their own. 77% of elders said they would need some sort of assistance to walk them through the process of using a tablet or smartphone, and 56% of elders who do not use social media sites said they would need assistance to learn how to use these sites if they decided to go that route states Pew Research Center: Older Adults and Technology Use. Physical conditions or health issues can also make it challenging for some seniors to use technological devices because they may have difficulties reading or from performing regular daily activities. Tablets and e-book readers are more common for seniors than smartphones are, which also plays into the factor of less social media use among the elderly. 27% of elders said they owned a tablet or e-book reader or both, compared to 18% of elders who said they own a smartphone.

Beliefs on Technological Devices and their Impact on Elders

Over the years, smartphone ownership has risen among the elderly. Although seniors may not have the latest version of cellular devices, they are beginning to obtain smartphones and trying to become more familiar with digital devices because overall a fair percentage of elders do believe technological devices are beneficial. According to Pew Research Center: Older Adults and Technology Use, 49% of elder technology nonusers believe that there is a disadvantage to those who lack internet access because of all the information they may be missing.11 Reasons Why Seniors Should Care About Social Media states that elders could benefit from social media because it keeps them in touch with family, they can research topics that interest them, keep entertained, and share information with others.

Safe365 Social Media Like Features & Safety Tools

Safe365 is an app for mobile devices that can be used in several ways. The app offers social media-like features that are similar to those used on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Seniors and their loved ones can connect with one another by messaging and sending emoticons to each other based on how they are feeling. It’s common for seniors to feel lonely throughout the day, and loved ones feel a sense of guilt for not being able to be with them while they are busy, but with social media features it’s easy to stay connected throughout the day, easing the feeling of loneliness. Family members and friends can also send pictures to one another through the Safe365 app and comment on their mood status, ultimately providing a more intimate daily connection no matter how far apart one may be from their loved one. Aside from the social media features, Safe365 offers a variety of safety tools that helps put family members and friends at ease when it comes to their loved ones. Illnesses are not uncommon among seniors, and so it is easy to be unaware of instances that may occur while an elder is alone. Features such as battery charge reminders, GPS locator and tracker, and an emergency/ panic button can help keep loved ones safe and their minds at ease. Ensuring the well-being of both mind and body is key to healthy longevity, and Safe365 can play a big part in that.

For more information please visit - https://safe365.com/en/home or email at delphine@alpify.com

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