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The FTC Guardian, an easy to use compliance and SaaS document generation platform has been launched. FTC Guardian is ideal for anybody wanting help with how to manage an online business successfully whilst following the legal FTC guidelines.

A new and easy to use compliance and SaaS document generation platform has been launched. FTC Guardian makes it easier for businesses to ensure they get proper legal protection documents, compliance training and helpful blueprints for setting out an online business that follows regulations of the FTC and other similar bodies.

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The new platform helps businesses to navigate the tricky and confusing legal world. This is important, because customers will discover that in today’s market, people are always on the lookout for a reason to sue someone or a business.

The Federal Trade Commission is now much more in depth and involved than ever before, which means it is of paramount importance that business owners protect their business and follow the correct guidelines.

The issue with this is that the guidelines are vast and not everyone has time to read through all of them and remember everything. In addition to this, there are around 50 other bodies that are similar to the FTC due to the fact that every state has the equivalent of the FTC.

Even though a business may not be from a certain state, it still needs to be compliant with that state’s FTC equivalent in order to stay safe.

Customers will find that all of this means that on websites, there must be clear disclaimers and legal notices that are easy to find and read. Furthermore, the compliance rules with every country must be followed so that the website policies follow the guidelines of the FTC as well as other countries rules and regulations.

In order to stay protected, businesses must use the right information on websites. This means clarifying offers, how the business works and the relationships with clients, accurate information about the legal landscape of the business, all appropriate documentation relevant to the business activities that meet FTC requirements, guidance to relate with clients, suppliers and service providers that follow the FTC guidelines.

FTC Guardian does all this and more, giving effective and easy to use legal protection for online businesses. The new platform offers support and guidance to give expert knowledge, help create website documents that are FTC compliant, create customer agreements that limit liabilities whilst trading profitably and legally, help businesses learn about FTC compliance and how important it is and help to develop risk avoidance strategies.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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