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Round Games Make Bold Expansion With Purchase Of Domain

21 June, 2013

While it may mean very little to consumers and internet users, the attribution of a web domain between .com, .co, .org, .net and now .info is serious business to web marketers. Each come with their own advantages and disadvantages in Google rankings from local, to national to international searches, and implementing them wisely can be the difference between a successful traffic generator and a forgotten relic.

The key to success is to boil down the URL to something people are sure to search for, and that is certainly true of the domain acquired by Round Games recently for twenty thousand dollars. is sure to surge up the search rankings when it launches later this year.

Round Games currently run a successful flash game aggregator site that allows gamers to find free to play flash games all together through a single portal. Their plans for are currently held close to the chest, but the company is excited about taking a large step toward an even larger expansion for the future.

A spokesperson for Round Games explained, “ is an amazing coup for us- we’ve been looking to expand for some time but we knew we had to find the right way to do it, and has the potential to be as powerful a domain as The truth is, there has been some controversy of .info as some early users of .info domains used them to spam Google, but much of the criticism surrounding .info has been revealed to be urban myth by our detailed research. The new domain is the Occam ’s razor of web marketing in our industry, and now we have it, we must begin the journey of populating the domain with content that will make an essential resource for all gamers. We are really excited about matching our skills with this fantastic domain name.”

About Round Games:
Round Games is an online free to play flash game aggregator that brings together the best flash games from all over the web into one easy to search categorised database. The company also searches for the latest releases in order to give regular visitors the exclusive on new developers’ most exciting concepts. The site also encourages developers to create original games exclusively for the site.

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Joe Hughes

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