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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Ron Krudo and Josh Orlinsky’s Success Is an Inspiring Story Worth Telling

Ron Krudo and Josh Orlinsky’s Success Is an Inspiring Story Worth Telling

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Ron Krudo and Josh Orlinsky have taken the hard road toward success and is showing others how to make it easy.

— In today’s day and age, starting a new business has never been easier. However, with low barriers of entry comes high competition. So much competition in fact, that 20% of small businesses will fail in their first year, 30% of small businesses fail in their second year, 50% of small businesses will fail after five years and over 70% will fail by their tenth year1 . Ron Krudo and Josh Orlinsky are helping small businesses improve those odds through their disruptive Management Consulting Firm, Equiturn Business Solutions. By implementing time- tested strategies and innovative approaches, Ron and Josh are making a service typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies and large corporations, accessible to small business owners across the country. Equiturn’s mission of making a difference however, did not happen overnight; Josh and Ron’s journey has been anything but conventional.

The idea that would become Equiturn was born on a 7-hour road trip from San Francisco to Southern California, a drive that would drastically change Ron and Josh’s lives forever. Inspired by each others passion for helping inspire small business owners in America the drive consisted of brainstorming ways to increase jobs and boost the economy. At the time Josh was working as a turn-around consultant in D.C. helping over a hundred companies in their most desperate times of need. Ron had come from a background of small business ownership his whole life but was, at the time, directing college initiatives and fund-raising efforts at one of the most respected non-profits in the country assisting with raising an average of $5 million+ a year. As their road trip progressed, they began discussing the glaring lack in the market for high quality consulting services aimed at small businesses and start-ups looking to take their companies to the next level.

It was an ambitious vision; how to bring executive level service and top level consulting to 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. Most of the consulting firms in the small business space Ron and Josh looked into were offering what they considered to be a flawed model. For example, the overwhelming majority of firms they examined only offered one type of service, usually paired with an exorbitant hourly fee. Josh and Ron knew from experience that this single service, high fee model would bleed most businesses dry and kill them before it had any chance of helping the business grow. From their sprang forth Equiturn’s innovative model of offering a one- stop management consulting shop with an attainable pricing structure.

How can Equiturn offer so much at such a reduced cost? Simple, after years of developing the business and reviewing almost every industry imaginable, Ron and Josh found that there are four core areas any business must have in order to succeed no matter the market: Finance, Marketing, Sales and Management. Consequently, Josh and Ron have put in the legwork to hire the best and brightest in each of those fields. Giving businesses a c-level suite of experts for a flat monthly fee and potential equity partnership. Through their website,, businesses can sign up for a free business evaluation and Equiturn’s team of experts will identify the unique needs of the client and assign them a team of professionals to assist with that clients growth strategy. On their Instagram @EQTsolutions, Ron and Josh communicate with entrepreneurs and small businesses through daily posts and “Business Tips of the Week”, giving them helpful business practices and a taste of the services offered by Equiturn.

Helping rebuild the American dream and providing more opportunities for small business owners is their mission and they hope to do this around the country. Josh and Ron may have followed an unconventional road, but the result was a successful, results proven service that gives small businesses the tools and expertise needed to grow in today's market.

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