Reveal The Background How Lugulake US Company Stems From Chinese Descent

U.S. LUGULAKE Industrial Investment Company was founded in 2010, with production bases and customer service centers in major Chinese cities including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Changsha.

— U.S. LUGULAKE Industrial Investment Company was founded in 2010, with production bases and customer service centers in major Chinese cities including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Changsha. The company deals with electronic products, household products and outdoor products which have a certain brand influence in the United States and China.

If anyone who know enough about China, they must have heard a place called LuguLake. It is the name of both a lake and a village at the foot of Gorm Goddess Mountain. As the only remaining matriarchal tribe in the world, it is also known as "Mosuo - A World of Women", which may remind them of the mysterious kingdom in that famous Chinese legend Journey to the West.

Steven's father went to china for the first time when he was 24 years old. He visited the beautiful Lugu Lake by chance and was deeply impressed by the landscape there. Near the lake there was a valley where he found a Mosuo village and fell in love with a local girl. The visit of Steven’s father was a surprise to local people.

Mosuo women play the leading role in daily life. The “walking marriage” is a custom. There is no traditional marriage. When a man and a woman fall in love, they exchange the love tokens. Then the man can go to the woman’s home to spend the night and quietly leave in the next morning. They call their lovers as “Assia”. Though the partners do not live in the same household, they are loyal to each other. Children of the partners will be raised by their mothers and the mothers' families. To some degree, the father can also take care of his partner and children.

Steven’s father observed the local custom and had a child with his loved “Assia”. When Steven was born, his father made a difficult decision. He wanted to raise Steven up together with his wife and fulfills the responsibility as a father and husband. However their choice was disapproved by the local people. At last Steven’s parents secretly left the village and came back to the US. The couple never goes back to Lugu Lake again.

To commemorate his deceased father and mother’s homesickness, Steven set up LuguLake in 2010. Now the brand obtains big success in European and American markets. LuguLake’s inner vitality lies in courage to inherit tradition and challenge tradition.

Every product from this brand is a combination of tradition and innovation and collide out sparks always lead the trend of the times. The Lugulake is just like the legend of the beautiful lake, where they reached, there will be extraordinary influence.

About LUGULAKE Brand:
LUGULAKE Brand stem from a beautiful Mosuo village (an ethnic tribe in China) at the foot of Gorm Goddess Mountain. It is a mystery land where the walking marriage is the custom and women are highly respected. With high quality products and legendary brand story, plus Customers First management idea LUGULAKE attracts a large number of loyal users. As an American brand with a Chinese name, LUGULAKE not only inherited the American spirit, but also carries forward the traditional Chinese culture of moderation and simplicity.

Consumer electronics are the flagship products of LUGULAKE. With strong R & D and design teams, all of their products are highly popular among consumers. Their quality and affordable products bring huge economic benefits and reputation value to the company. They won “the top most anticipated brands”

Their products has been imitated but never be surpassed. LUGULAKE never stop developing new products to face to market needs. In addition to meet consumer needs efficiently, they dig the potential demand. Our products meet market expectations and lead the market trend, allowing customers to enjoy more convenience and comfort.

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