Retraining Core After C-Section Abdominal Exercise Flat Tummy Guide Launched

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A new guide to the One Core Program has been launched, highlight the benefits it offers for reactivating the core. It is especially targeted at new mothers following a C-section or those who have gone through abdominal surgery.

A new guide has been launched covering the One Core Program and the benefits it can offer to anyone looking to reactivate and tone their abs. The program is especially beneficial for those who have recently had a C-section or abdominal surgery.

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The newly launched guide explains that for those who have recently had surgery, it’s important to encourage the abs to recover. Failing to do so could lead to spinal compression, fallen arches, bad posture or pooch belly.

Readers will discover that the One Core Program is designed to help anyone retrain their core. This is important, because after a C-section or abdominal surgery, the brain disconnects the signal to the lower abdomen. This results in the lower core failing to function properly.

While someone going through knee surgery is likely to have months of rehab, a new mother is sent straight home after a C-section without rehab support. If the lower core isn’t restarted properly, it can lead to further issues down the line.

This is where the One Core Program can help. It’s specially designed to establish the core, helping women to regain their health, improve their posture, and kickstart their fat-loss goals.

When a core has not been correctly activated, symptoms include hip popping, back tightness, neck tension and poor posture. Contrasting this, an activated core leads to better digestion, a flatter tummy, more energy and better posture.

The One Core Program helps new mothers and those who have recently undergone abdominal surgery to flatten their tummy and achieve their weight-loss goals.

A recent mother said: “For the first time in years I am able to fully interact with my children. I can play with them on the floor and at the park. Best of all, I can carry my daughter to bed at night, an experience I was unable to have prior to the One Core Program.”

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