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Retirement Community Releases Guide to Help Understand Do Not Resuscitate Orders

12 June, 2013

A retirement community in Grand Rapids, MI has released an in-depth guide to understanding “Do Not Resuscitate” orders and the ways that various assisted and independent living facilities handle those orders.

The guide was produced as a response to the confusion and frustration that many around the country had in response to the infamous “Bakersfield 911 call” that documented an independent living caretaker refusing to give CPR to an 87 year old resident who had collapsed.

From marketing director Laurie Duvernay: “We were obviously disappointed and surprised by that turn of events, and after receiving more than a few calls and emails regarding our internal policy; we wanted to help people understand the different assisted living and retirement living models and how they related to DNR’s (Do Not Resuscitate)”.

The guide, entitled “Do Not Resuscitate Orders and Senior Living Options” covers the various types of retirement communities, from the more passive models (like the Bakersfield facility) to the more active models like assisted living facilities.

“People need to understand exactly what will happen when something like this occurs to their loved ones...we felt strongly that we could be of assistance in helping people understand DNRs and how their selection of a retirement community affects how medical situations like this are handled”.

Start Publishing

Brett VanTil

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