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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Restraining Order Offers Legal Protections for Victims, Says Los Angeles Attorney

Restraining Order Offers Legal Protections for Victims, Says Los Angeles Attorney

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Restraining orders are often used in Los Angeles to give victims an added layer of protection said LA attorney Arash Hashemi.

— A restraining order comes from the court. The order requires a person to stay a certain distance away from someone else. It's usually issued in cases of domestic violence, harassment, stalking or sexual assault.

"Those are the general categories. A restraining order can be used in other cases," said LA attorney Arash Hashemi. "The order is meant to keep you from being harmed, or keep you form harming someone else, depending on which side of the order your name is on."

Restraining orders have to be issued by a judge, he said. The main qualification for getting a restraining order is actual violence or the threat of violence. The age of the people is irrelevant, Mr. Hashemi said.

"It's all about protection," he added. "By itself, the order doesn't protect you. But it does give law enforcement the opportunity to arrest and jail the person who violates the restraining order. Say you have a restraining order against an ex spouse. That person shows up at your house. You can have him/her arrested for violating the order."

A restraining order can prohibit any communication between people. That includes email, phone calls, direct contact, and even contact via social media. The order can include more than one person under the protection side. Mr. Hashemi said it could cover a whole family if necessary.

Most restraining orders are temporary, meaning they will expire after a set amount of time. The order can be renewed or extended if circumstances require.

"We can even get restraining orders that last for extended periods,” Mr. Hashemi said.

For more information or help in getting a restraining order, call Mr. Hashemi’s office at (310) 448-1529. Call 24/7. Someone will always answer.

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