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Press Release Case Study: Vinyl Car Wraps Soon To Hit USA And UK

Date range: Dec 28th to Jan 3rd (7 days)

Everyone knows that press release distribution is the best alternative used for off-page SEO backlinking purposes. Many Internet marketers thus take advantage of this and use a variety of press release distribution services to maximize their SEO efforts and obtain the desired benefits of increased traffic, online and offline visibility, and an overall increase in brand awareness using a low-cost method.

But how do we know how good our results are really? How does one quantitatively measure the effects or dollar value of a single press release distribution?

That’s what you’re here for, and that’s what this case study will discuss.

MarketersMEDIA is a press release distribution service that has helped this particular press release article gain the media attention it deserves.

All statistical and qualitative data were collected, recorded and analyzed for over a period of 1 week. The results are as follows:

"995 visitors reached the Press Release" - Google Analytics

[Source: MarketersMEDIA]

In 1 week, the press release had been seen nearly a thousand times with an average on-page time of more than 2 minutes. For just an article, it has generated a decent amount of traffic over a week, averaging to more than a 100 page visits per day.

Total Impressions served: 243K

[Source: MarketersMEDIA]

Its total impressions were far more impressive, showing off the true potential of press release distribution whereby you can reach such a huge audience within such a limited amount of time.

The click-through-rate could definitely be better with the usage of a catchier headline, but when it comes to using press release distribution for off-page SEO backlinking, it is also important to consider what kind of content is being syndicated out, and whether it’s popular or well-received by everyone.

Top publishers sending traffic to MarketersMEDIA

[Source: MarketersMEDIA]

The media outlets above are the top contributors to the traffic of MarketersMEDIA’s press releases, including the press release observed in this case study.

As it can be inferred, this particular press release has received a good proportion of clicks out of the total number of clicks from these top publishers, making it one of MarketersMEDIA's highest traffic-generating press release.

Estimated Advertising Value

As mentioned earlier, besides the perks of getting better traffic and online/offline visibility to boost brand awareness, it is also a cheaper form of advertising.

For this press release we have analyzed:


This gives us an estimated Ad Value of $1.73 x 923 = $1,596.79 -- close to $1,600.

The average going price of a press release is around $500, and that’s if we use a press release distribution service from PRWeb, Marketwired, and PRNewswire.

MarketersMEDIA has been established as the valued press release distribution service that provides the same premium distribution but at a much lower cost due to its infancy into the industry.

For only $89, this press release has generated advertising worth that is 18 times its value. It’s no wonder press release is the must-have marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

*Liked this case study? Download the report in pdf here!