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Residual Empires, the “Company That Creates Freedom,” Announces the Launch of There New 2021 Automated Digital Real Estate Program

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Residual Empires, the "Company That Creates Freedom," With their Automated Digital Real Estate Program. A one of a kind company in the e-commerce space that built a system to create consistent successful winning e-commerce brands making their clients multiple 6-figures in passive income.

— Residual Empires, the "Company That Creates Freedom," Announces the Launch of There New 2021 Automated Digital Real Estate Program. This is a one of a kind company in the e-commerce space that has built a system to create consistent successful winning e-commerce brands that make their clients multiple six figures in passive income.

September 21, 2020
Residual Empires is Looking Forward to getting people in a position to live how they want and not be forced to live a certain way due to financial limitations.

TeaJay Bauer one of the founders of Residual Empires started launching multiple businesses at a young age, the first one Fresh Cutts lawn services that gave other high school students and middle schoolers a job and a opportunity to pay there way through college. Following that he gave the business away in 2012, Joined the Navy, Played semi-pro football while figuring out his next move as an entrepreneur. Fast Forward 6 months he started to launch his first real business a record label where his company quickly got on hit radio stations such as KISS FM and other local TV shows while being in the service. This was a fun and challenging task for anyone that knows anything about marketing or business because in that line of business you have to be real creative to make money in that industry from a financial standpoint he had to come up with 10 different ways to make money off of 1 customer/fan just to be profitable. He almost went into huge debt because of it. Luckily for him it sparked bigger ideas and strategies that if used in a different market would make anyone wealthy. Following that he made several investments into businesses that failed. After, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in trial and error he than focused on e-commerce specifically through Shopify. The skills he has learned through trial error especially from his record label days has taught him how to sell to the same audience several times and them love you for it. While that only multiplied after spending a little over $300,000 in e-commerce education. He learned how to create an 8 figure online business and has made a duplicable system that makes it almost impossible for new potential clients to fail. Today he is an expert in entrepreneurship, lead generation, digital marketing, sales and phycology. Excited to make a difference TeaJay Bauer and his company Residual Empires wants to give the average American who is serious about wanting to better their lives a million dollar opportunity for a price they can afford.

Everything about TeaJay's childhood was ordinary. He grew up in Texas with his family, played football for his local team, and enjoyed all the pleasures a small town could offer. Yet, he quickly realized that the ordinary lifestyle wasn't for him and he would never achieve the level of success he wanted if he settled for the same thing as everyone else being stuck. Luckily for him he had some intelligent brothers that were also unemployable Chris, Jason and Jarid who are all highly intelligent, solid entrepreneurs from watching them design things and create patents out of ideas that worked, houses that weren't normal as well as build cars that everyone wanted and no one knew the names of lol. He got to live with and watch one of his brothers who worked as a cable guy turn it into a multiple 6 figure business overnight (6 years later lol) Having these people in his back pocket and seeing an 18 hour day work ethic helped shape his thinking to peruse bigger things.

TeaJay Bauer wrote "Digital Real Estate Secrets" it's for free on amazon and gives out solid information on building your own empire when it comes to making smart investments.

As well as founding several passive income adventures of his own, TeaJay Bauer also does lead generation and consulting for multiple business that have lead to lifelong friendships and a healthier topline revenue for those business owners

"Though I'll never be able to change the past, I know that I can change the future for any entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow their income" says TeaJay Bauer.

"With my processes of building solid e-commerce brands that leads to reliable residual income. It's almost impossible to fail long term, mainly because we test everything and create the brand before people even get started. Making this the safest and most lucrative way to go when starting a online business."

"I'm grateful for my business partners and loyal clients believing in me. I'm blessed to have the people I have had in my life. Without them I wouldn't be here nor would I be able to reach where I'm going, with full intentions of creating the best investment firm in history that will create a possibility of financial freedom for anyone that wants it." says TeaJay Bauer

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