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REPORT Civility Training Reduces Workplace Stress and Boosts Engagement

A new report has been launched by The International Civility Trainer's Consortium focusing on the benefits of civility training in the workplace. It can relieve stress, and promote a more enjoyable working environment that increases retention, revenues and engagement.

The International Civility Trainers’ Consortium (ICTC) has launched a new report on the benefits of civility training for the workplace following an increase in people experiencing incivility on the job. Research has shown that 98% of people polled have experienced incivility while they work, but there is an increase in engagement of 30% when organizations embed civility in their communications plans and day to day activities.

The report is based on bestselling book, The 30% Solution- How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability, by leading civility expert Lew Bayer.

ICTC explains that the country is experiencing an incivility epidemic in workplaces, which is impacting the health, relationships and bottom line of businesses. There is also an increase in schools, in communities, and in sports and political arenas. See the Short Talk on Civility at Work

However, people are also beginning to understand that there are huge costs and consequences to incivility, and there is increasing demand for speaking and training on the matter. But because this is a niche area of expertise, it can be hard to find qualified speakers and trainers.

This is where the ICTC’s Civility Speakers Bureau can step in to help organizations around the country. The Civility Speakers Bureau supports and promotes speakers and trainers committed to and experienced in civility related topics.

These include cultural competence, social intelligence, building engagement, and encouraging change readiness. In addition to this, it can train people in business etiquette, and civility in the workplace. Its speakers are published authors, professional trainers, and experts in their field.

Businesses can improve their engagement, revenues and show measurable increases in retention by implementing civility training into their routine. This is because it promotes a kinder, more encouraging, and more enjoyable workplace.

Research also shows that civility is one of the main causes of workplace stress, so working towards eliminating it is beneficial for any business. Workplace stress can cause depression, which is expected to be second only to heart disease as the leading cause of disability worldwide by 2020.

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