Replacing High-Level Employees Can Sometimes Require a Little Guidance

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It can be difficult, but not impossible, to replace a highly skilled and experienced employee through the use of a professional and experienced agency.

Most Kelowna companies are capable of finding employees for lower level, ground floor type positions, but what happens when executive level employees leave the company?

High-level employees usually get where they are through years of experience and accumulating knowledge about their business as they worked their way up. These employees can be vital to an organization and losing them – be it suddenly or known well in advance – can be devastating if there’s no one to take their place.

Employers with the foresight to know that staff will eventually move on will work at getting someone already in the company trained up, but it’s hard to replicate years of experience. An executive search firm, like Platinum Recruiting in Kelowna, will do the work for a company in need of high level employees with the necessary expertise. Sometimes it’s an infusion of new blood with the experience that helps the company continue moving forward.

It’s costly to find a replacement for an employee with years, potentially decades of experience. If the employee is planning to retire, companies usually have an idea of when it’s going to happen, so they can plan accordingly. Promoting a current employee that understands the job and the company is good, so long as there’s someone who can handle it. However, that’s not always the case, which is why having a recruitment firm is helpful.

The same can be done from the other side – perhaps after years of working their way up the ladder, the job has gotten monotonous and what made it enjoyable early on has started to fade. Executive search firms can find a new and challenging high-level position for a client looking for a change.

The best ways to retain good employees are reasonably simple. Have some flexibility when it comes to the work schedule, and allow staff to access good health and wellness benefits. Recognize staff when they’ve done an exceptional job, and provide opportunities for training and personal development. The most important thing for workers these days is maintaining a good work/life balance. If they feel they have found a decent balance, an employee will naturally be more productive, and will want to stick around.

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