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Rangeline Saves $50,000 for City of Belle Chase, Louisiana With Isolation Valves Install

Isolation valves installation saves 50K for City of Belle Chase, Louisiana.

— Rangeline Tapping Services was recently contacted by the city of Belle Chase, Louisiana during their time of need. The Rangeline team needed to install isolation valves and bypass sections of the city’s existing piping system while their residents were without service.

Their professional staff took time to evaluate the city’s current situation and devised a way in order to isolate various sections of their 24” force main to save the city $50,000. They achieved this by determining that double 24” line stops were required along with a 16” bypass that would run through the line stopper. They also decided to section certain areas while new in-line valves were cut in and installed. Because of Rangeline’s professional and emergency service expertise, the system remained operational during this installation process.

The Rangeline team also installed 24” line stop fittings. To ensure their effectiveness, they pressure tested them in order to confirm that they had a tight seal. After this test, they installed 16” gate valves to perform the 16” hot taps. After the hot taps were installed, the 24” line stopper was mounted. From there, the Rangeline team tested the 16” bypass piping. Once they were certain of the security of the system, the team opened the line stop valves and allowed the product to flow through to the line stop. This allowed a flow to go through the existing pipe through the temporary bypass and onward to each line stopper.

The line stop heads used allowed the team to re-route the flow and keep all of the city customers in services while the new installation occurred. The city’s staff believes that the installation process “worked to perfection”. Throughout this extensive and detailed process, the Rangeline team was able to keep the lines running while re-routing and installing new components to make it run more effectively. Rangeline operates and maintains the largest selection of tapping and line stopping equipment in the United States. For more information on custom fitting tapping or emergency services or information on their specific industrial or commercial services, visit

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Rangeline Tapping Services is a Line Stopping, Valve Inserting, and Hot and Wet Tapping company that performs their services throughout the North American region. Their high-quality piping solutions have the ability to execute both large-scale projects as well as emergency services. Their state of the art equipment allows them to ability to work nationwide on any project, big or small.

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