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Racers360 announced a broad ranging partnership with IndyCar Champion Josef Newgarden. Together they have published an in-depth race car driver coaching video series called the Champions Course.

Racers360 announces a broad ranging partnership with 2-time IndyCar Champion and Penske Racing Driver Josef Newgarden, focused on the Blayze motorsports coaching platform, Racers360. Josef has also become an investor in Blayze, the parent company of Racers360.

For more information on Racers360’s world leading online motorsports coaching platform visit: https://racers360.com/

In Josef Newgarden’s Champions Course, presented by Racers360, Josef opens up on the most important elements that built him into a championship winning racecar driver. Developed along the lines of a masterclass, the Racers360 Champions Course is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive coaching programs a professional race car driver has ever created.

The Champions Course focuses on how grassroots racers can better utilize their limited track time to maximize themselves as racecar drivers, including a heavy focus on the mental side of racing.

In the six chapters and 22 lessons of the Champions Course Josef coaches drivers on: Mental Training For Racing, How To Learn A Race Track, Improving Your Braking Technique, Improving Your Racecraft, How To Approach Making Changes In Your Driving To See Improvement, and Physical Training For Motorsport.

A sample of one of Josef Newgarden’s coaching lessons, the introductory course, can be viewed here: https://racers360.com/education/champions-lounge/preparation/?plan=plan_GvEOr97g7XIWBS

“I’m very excited to join the team at Racers360. I think what Dion von Moltke and the rest of the team at parent company Blayze have created is something unique to the ever-changing coaching industry”, said Josef.

He adds: “From the first time I spoke to Dion, I immediately believed in their process and saw its immense potential. Dion and the team are providing a very unique opportunity to racers, something you won’t be able to get anywhere else. “

“The tools available on this platform will transform the way people have access to personal coaching, and I’m excited to provide my unique insight into the motorsports industry, share my passion for racing and work with drivers from all walks of life, all across the world.” Josef added.

Josef will also be offering a limited amount of personalized online coaching lessons for drivers of all experience levels that will enjoy the personal interaction with and coaching from this young Indy Car champion.

Customers can easily upload their onboard video from any camera, at any track, from any car directly to their chosen Racers360 pro coach. The coach then analyzes the video and provides detailed recorded instructions on where and how improvements can be made – both on general driver technique plus some coaching specifically oriented to that particular track.

This form of virtual coaching has become especially popular during the pandemic, where in-car coaching has been viewed as too risky for both driver and coach, and the travel associated with track side coaching not that appealing.

Racers360 has been recognized as the pre-eminent and most cost-effective coaching resource to racers globally and has recently expanded to include the Karting and Motorcycle racing segments.

The Racers360 all-pro coaching team includes current and former championship winners, including Josef Newgarden, Rick Taylor, Jordan Taylor, Dion von Moltke, Tom Long and many more.

Karting coaches include eight-time national champion Chris Wehrheim, and four-time Pro-Tour Champion Ryan Norberg. The Motorcycle coaching team includes multiple race and championship winning Mike Edwards and Ken Hill.

Check out a Racers360 sample coaching session here: https://racers360.com/education/one-lap-analysis-sample/

In addition to providing personalized driver coaching services, Racers360 has developed what they claim to be motorsports largest library of training materials, some of which can be accessed for free on their website, or available through Racers360 subscription service called the Racers Lounge.

The Racers360 Education database includes over 55 race track guides, all created by their professional coaching staff, plus courses on Driving Techniques, Racecraft, Race Car Engineering, the use of Lap Data, Training the Mind, and a range of curated and Racers360 certified Onboard Videos. Members of the Racers Lounge also have access to all previously recorded and future Racers360 Webinars.

“From the minute we started talking to Josef about Blayze and the Racers360 platform, it was clear to all of us that he totally got it. He truly believes in our mission of inspiring and helping athletes develop skills to reach their potential through world-class personalized coaching.” said Blayze and Racers360 co-founder, Dion von Moltke.

He adds: “Not only has Josef shown he is a true champion on the track, he also has an amazing ability to transform coaching to an amazingly authentic and inspiring experience. Our Champion’s Course with Josef will be a fantastic introduction to the highest levels of professional coaching for grassroots racers everywhere.”

For more information about the Champions Course and all of the coaching courses and services, visit Racers360 at the URL provided above.

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