Professional Okotoks House Painters Revamping The Looks of Homes This Summer

27 August, 2018

The famous Calgary painting contractors at JKO Painting are now offering their well-known interior painting services to all those in the town of Okotoks who want to transform the look of their home.

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The JKO Painting is an award winning Calgary painting contractor with ten years of experience helping the community paint the interior and exterior areas or their homes and businesses at great prices.

So more people in the region can have their home painted the right way and with a lot less stress, cost and downtime, the company is now also offering its interior painting services in the town of Okotoks, Alberta.

Their interior painting service can help the homeowner paint anything from brick to dry walls and transform any old, outdated room or surface into something beautiful that actually adds value to the property and makes them proud to host families and friends.

They always start with a thorough prep and priming process that includes the removal of wallpaper and stains, caulking and filling of nail holes or defects, so when they paint the wall will look beautiful and flawless.

And they use their eye for design and vast knowledge of interior painting to help the client pick the right color for a specific room, the existing décor or the type of ambiance they’re trying to create.

All this work is delivered by ‘Master painters’ who take pride in their work, actually listen to the needs and wishes of the homeowner and always do the job on time, within the budget and with no stains, spills or mess around the house.

The team at JKO Painting explains “we don’t just paint a home, we leave a look that improves the quality of life of the residents. We leave them with a beautiful ambiance that will increase their love for their own property and make them proud to invite someone over.”

For free estimates or consultations with the JKO Painting team and more on the interior painting services they’re offering, clients can call 587 880-1550 or check their website at the link provided above.

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