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Prince VPS Launches Providing Identity Protected, Lightening Fast Virtual Private Servers

Prince VPS has launched their business with a commitment to excellence, offering offshore and DDOS protected virtual private servers offering 1 gigabit line speed, with vital identity protection.

— Virtual Private Servers are hugely adaptable in the modern world, being used for everything from website hosting, file storage, business servers or even as gaming servers. The question that is routinely raised however is how private are these private servers. Through PrinceVPS privacy is the priority, and the company offers simple registration, easy and fast payment and importantly, offshore or onshore VPS with DDOS protection. This allows them to lead the field in protecting the information of businesses and individuals alike.

When registering for a PrinceVPS server all individuals need is an email address and password. Equally, they can pay via PayPal or buy offshore and DDOS protected hosting with BitCoin to protect their financial information as well, while gaining access to industry leading technology, capable of transfer speeds of 1 gigabit per second. With state of the art server monitoring the VPS’s are some of the fastest and most stable available.

The servers are located in the Netherlands for maximum privacy and security, and place no requirements on users for what content they store and share via the server. The servers offer maximum uptime and efficiency, and PrinceVPS even offers specialized web hosting packages to take advantage of the same great service.

A spokesperson for Prince VPS explained, “The security and integrity of a virtual private server is paramount for many users, whether multinational businesses or an individual gamer. We keep information protected and allow users to buy offshore and DDOS protected VPS with BitCoin so that their data cannot be accessed by those who would exploit the information. Equally search engine’s like Google cannot access private information so they can be excellent for people who want to keep their SEO activities under the radar. Our VPS allow those who run the server to grant privileged access only to those they trust, and even able to stratify access so as to permit access to certain things while denying access to others. Their offshore location makes them far more secure now that fears about NSA observation are running high, making them the ultimate solution for an affordable price.”

About Prince VPS:
Prince VPS is a new and upcoming hosting service. They provide the very best DDOS protected servers with the option for onshore or offshore. They only require an email address and password to signup, with no long winded WHMCS registration where users must enter an address, number and more. Prince VPS’ priority is to keep their users’ identities safe. Now accepting both Bitcoin and Paypal.

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