Need A Reason Why You Should Do Press Releases?

Here are 8 reasons why press releases are worth the try!

Maximize your backlink potentials

Boost SEO and bring traffic to your website

Build credibility and authority among your customers

Extend opportunity with other businesses

Expand market exposure for more collaboration

Improve SERP visibility and expand online profitability

Establish media relations with your audience

Build brand awareness among new customers

Successful Businesses Use Press Release

Press releases can make a massive difference to your brand experience.
See how MarketersMEDIA helps businesses grow their profit, with hard facts and data from real people, real stories.

“Their distribution is absolutely impressive! Customers are loving it! It took some time, but I got more customers, and they returned again and again.”

- Peter, Reseller -

Setting off in a cut-throat business, Peter still managed to achieve highly profitable sales of more than $10,000 from
reselling press releases online. Along the way, he was able to attract recurring and new customers with an impressive
distribution to various premium media outlets.

In the last 3 years of operations, my company has published more than 350 press releases with MarketersMEDIA. Each of these press releases has helped my company’s market report sales reach a value of over $2,000 on average. The total of these reports aggregating a revenue of about $750,000.

Ruwin, Market Research Company
1 Press Release
5 Press Releases
10 Press Releases
12 Press Releases
Best Value!
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*Extra charges will be incurred for additional syndication.
Randy McCabe

Here’s What People Are Saying About Us

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Randy M, Digital Marketing Manager

“Superior Press Release Company.”

I like how transparent they're when it comes to press release coverage. Will be my go-to solution for press releases where clients are trying to get exposure.

April 22, 2021

Agency in Public Relations & Communications

“Press release service with a human touch.”

Getting genuine support and help from them. They are also responsive to a certain level of customization. Feature-wise, I love how I am able to embed Google Maps, which is a huge deal for some of the clients working on Local SEO.

Jul 29, 2020

Administrator in Food & Beverages

“Press Release with Ease.”

I appreciate the way that we are able to distribute press releases and have a platform that takes a little concentration but can have the best outcome for your business.

Jul 29, 2020

Marie J

“My trusted press release distributor!”

The team behind MasketersMEDIA really are the best! I have started using their services just a month ago, and the result I got so far is amazing. They truly deliver what they promise!

Jan 23, 2021


“It's Always An Amazing Experience!”

We've been using Marketers Media for more than a year now and their service always improves with more outlets and reasonable prices!

Sep 30, 2020

Peter Lee

“Good Value Good Service!”

Great service! Love the variety of media sites they offer at the price point that they're offering. Recommend their service 100% with confidence. You'd be crazy to look anywhere else with this price point and quality.

Apr 22, 2020

Results Speak Louder Than Empty Promises
And Fancy Embellishment

Find out the success stories of people who have used press releases

“A Very Simple and Guided SEO Solution”

We have to stay ahead of the game on the SEO side and we were looking for a tool that would be simple to use, right out of the box with an expert to guide us. That’s where we found press release writing and distributing services to be the right fit for us.

Enfield, President and CEO
Sale and transaction supply provider

“Boost Your Media Outreach”

Our company serves 51 countries and territories in Africa, and traditionally, it was challenging to gain coverage in a number of markets. We see our partnership with the press company as a strategic one. The coverage received is not only impressive in terms of volume but also the number of markets it touches.

Collinicos, Head of Advertising & Public Relations
Delivery Company

“Solidify Your Brand Credibility and Coverage”

We received very positive feedback from our clients. They were impressed by the news coverage that continued to result from the press release campaign, strengthened her credibility, and broadened her audience.

Johnson, Public Relations Team
Press Release and Marketing Agency

“Gain 250% Increase in Business Recognition”

We have successfully reached and easily went beyond our initial target during the lockdown. As a result, we have at least 300 million media reach and a 250% increase in business inquiries. This is why we continue to engage in press releases.

Bjerg, SCO
Software Company

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FREE Press Release Strategy Consultation worth $1,999.

Don’t worry about how or what you should write to drive traffic to your website effectively. We will share with you all our most successful strategies from our customers who have achieved excellent results!

100% Money Back Guarantee For Executive and Director Plan Press Releases

If your press release has been approved but did not get into the most prominent news sites*, we will gladly refund you the full amount.

* AP News and Marketwatch

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All Businesses Need Press Release

Web Launches

Business Events

Public Relation

Kickstarter News

Blockchain News

Crypto Launches

Mobile Apps

Market Research

Charity News

New Technology

Innovation & Invention

Scientific Discovery

Products Release

Good & Services

Sales Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which press release distribution plan should I choose?

Pick the press release plan most suitable for your needs and budget. All of our plans, including our Professional Plan, will get your news to reach search engines and financial media outlets. However, to further promote your brand visibility and get the ultimate media reach, we recommend you to opt for our Executive Plan to reach the best news sites including Yahoo News, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Benzinga, APNews, AsiaOne, MarketWatch, StreetInsider, NYHeadline, TheTexasToday, InTheHeadline and, 500+ sites!

Can I get a better discount for bulk purchases?

Yes, enjoy more discounts and perks if you are looking to buy more than 12 press releases or would like to subscribe to a monthly press release plan. Just contact our sales and support through the live chat or send an email to

Why should I choose MarketersMEDIA?

Started in 2012, MarketersMEDIA has been a leading innovator in the press release newswire industry. We help bridge small and medium businesses with top-tier news networks, TV and radio stations, search engines, and industry journals around the world.

How do I send my press release?

Sign up for an account and just submit your written news release through your platform and our editors will process and help you distribute it to your selected media outlets. Once approved.

How long does it take for my press release to be approved and published?

We know that our clients want their press releases to be out fast and fresh. So, you can have your press release out within the next 24 hours. To ensure your press release is syndicated on time, it is best to schedule your press release ahead.

How do I get the maximum benefit out of my press releases?

You can send out a single press release to announce milestones and events. But for long term SEO benefits, we suggest an ongoing press release campaign to bring positive exposure and visibility to your brand and website. Besides that, we also offer a press release writing service to help you create an optimized press release.

What if I don’t know how to write a press release?

No worries if you don’t know how to write a press release because we have someone to do it for you. Just pitch us the news that you want to be released, and we will have a native US writer write a complete press release for you.

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For all the time you're thinking about the "should I?" your deal is running closer to the ending of the countdown.
Believe it or not, if you have reached this point of reading, what we are offering must have meant something to you.

You only need to make a choice:

Do nothing and let your brand lag behind your industry competitors


Choose your best plan,
get your news published and earn maximum coverage for business

If you need an expert to help get your brand out there, MarketersMEDIA is definitely for you.
We are saying this because press release distribution is the best solution to get your voice heard and your business seen.

Get your best plan at the BEST VALUE with consistent publishing of not just 1 but 12 press releases to more than 500 premium media outlets.

1 Press Release
5 Press Releases
10 Press Releases
12 Press Releases
Best Value!

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