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Pinsomo – More than 350 Happy Users To Date And Counting!

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Since the release of Pinsomo about two months ago, more than 350 WordPress users have purchased the Wonder Theme and claimed that the product had performed beyond their expectations. More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon to get their very own “Pinterest-looking” website. It seems that the trend to go “social” would not be coming to a halt anytime soon.

Pinterest WordPress Theme

Pinsomo has topped search result pages on Google and has received nothing but great reviews and positive feedback. This “wonder-theme” has made over 350 sales in under 2 months, with less than a 1% refund rate - it does make one wonder how good this theme really is. As it promised, Pinsomo has been able to deliver users the traffic that they deserve. Because of PinSomo, any user has the potential to increase site traffic by more than ten times, with just a simple WordPress theme change. As such, many users have been revived from the backlash of the Google Animal updates.

More and more happy customers have personally thanked the founder of Pinsomo, Daniel Tan, for providing them with an affordable and effective solution to get back onto SERPs and gain a competitive edge over their online sales and marketing efforts. There was a rare case however, that mentioned that the Pinsomo product was a fraud and should not be trusted but the fact was that the user had not known that one had to own a WordPress site in order to actually use Pinsomo. Nevertheless, Pinsomo’s track record proves otherwise.

In fact, out of the 350 users that purchased, a large majority of them can be found giving similar positive feedback about the WordPress theme. Apart from the increase in traffic, users have agreed on a few other practical benefits that come with the Pinterest WordPress theme:

  • Easy to install, use and customize
  • Facebook Insights and OpenGraph Integration makes tracking and monitoring essential for website management
  • Actually works like Pinterest, whereas most Pinterest-themed clones do not even allow you to pin images
  • No maintenance costs necessary

Even the amazon affiliates who have purchased their copy of PinSomo are enjoying their product’s results. Pinsomo provides the necessary assistance of increasing huge amounts of traffic, whilst simultaneously allowing users to keep close track of and maintain that traffic. All these greatly enhances any visitors user-experience when browsing through a pinterest-themed website, churning in a decent amount of profits for these amazon sites.

Things are going smoothly for Pinsomo and for the users that have happily purchased it. They have even taken the advice of putting in quality content that is highly attractive enough for people to want to pin and repin, and not just spamming visual content taken from other websites and using Pinterest to rip off of it because at the end of the day -- Google easily finds duplicated content and will penalize these sites.

As far as anyone can tell, this trend will continue for a few more years before coming to a plateau as Pinterest is still growing at peak rates.

About PinSomo: PinSomo is a WordPress Theme that was created by Daniel Tan in order to help internet marketers improve sales by improving site traffic volumes by more than ten times. The “social” trend has allowed its popularity to grow tremendously mainly because of the fact that people knew a Pinterest-site does in fact generate more site traffic, hence sparking off several potential ideas of being able to convert all that traffic into profit.

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