PhenomeNEWS Publishes New Reviews Of Tao Of Badass and Relationship Rewind

29 January, 2015

Dating is one of the most all-consuming challenges in young adult life, and it only gets harder the less successful people are. Once stuck in a rut, it can be hard to get out, and the dating game is one that unfortunately requires a degree of game playing to master, qualifying people to move on to the deeper level of trust that becomes a relationship. Getting there is what most people want, and that’s why there are a number of systems being developed by dating gurus to help people navigate these challenges. PhenomeNEWS has just published two new reviews on the latest relationship advice packages.

The Tao of Badass dating system by Josh Pellicer is based on a combination of evolutionary psychology and the art of neuro-linguistic programming, taking a science heavy approach to maximizing the perception of reproductive value that uses psychosocial approaches to create deep rapport quickly and efficiently.

Relationship Rewind ( is a new system designed to rebuild burned bridges with former lovers, and takes a more internal approach to creating an individual that is individually robust, charming and desirable, with the desired effect coming as a side effect of personal transformation.

A spokesperson for PhenomeNEWS explained, “At PhenomeNEWS we specialize in dating advice, and when these two programs were released we knew we had to get right onto reviewing them. We’ve done this by having our writers undertake the systems and evaluate their effectiveness in real situations. Having undertaken this program we have found that both systems prove effective in their respective fields and that we would recommend both systems for people with particular needs, which we explain in detail in our reviews. We have seen a great deal of noise about these products on social media and are happy to report that there is real weight behind the hype.”

About PhenomeNEWS: PhenomeNEWS loves helping people in their relationships and dating life. Their team wants everyone to succeed in this area of their life. Their mission is to provide readers with real value which they can use on an everyday basis to improve their confidence and natural charisma in the dating arena. The site is regularly updated with features, editorials, great advice and product reviews.

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