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Pet-Friendly Surviveware Trauma Shears Save Cat From Possible Choking

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Surviveware Shears Releases Family Cat from Binding Collar

— Humans are not the only ones who get into trouble; one's animal companion can, too. When a pet emergency strikes, the owner is understandably flustered and afraid and may scramble for the needed supplies. Having the appropriate tools and medical equipment on-hand at all times is essential.

One of the most neglected items in a first aid kit is a pair of scissors. Like your personal regular first aid kit, your pet’s first aid kit should also contain blunt-tipped shears. This tool can help in removing bandages and trimming fur near the affected area. Without the appropriate shears, it can be difficult to administer care, and troublesome to remove foreign objects that restrict a pet’s movements. This is where the Surviveware Trauma Shears come in.

Boasting an ergonomically-designed body, these shears are made from durable stainless steel, coated with black fluoride. The shears are lightweight and rust-proof, while the black coating helps prevent adhesive residue from forming on the blades.

One of the interesting features of this trauma shears is the shape of its handle. Surviveware designed wide finger openings and thumb hooks where users can rest their fingers with ease. This also allows maximum control in cutting thick material and fabrics. Moreover, this ergonomic feature can help avoid finger strains and blister formation from prolonged use.

Surviveware's Trauma Shears have blunted tips. This prevents the shears from puncturing or pricking the patient while providing urgent care.

Surviveware’s shears have continuously gained positive reviews from users. A mother and Surviveware customer shared her experience with these Trauma Shears in an Amazon review:

"My daughter's roomie just 'inherited" the family cat-- for some insane reason the cat has a flea collar (?) that was put on like a zip tie supposedly by a vet four years ago. It makes no sense to me at all. So daughter calls me cause they can't get it off and she's tried scissors but the collar is thick, and she's afraid of hurting the cat. Options are medical scissors or vet visit. Since I'm the Amazon Queen off, I go to search, and since this collar is thick and evil and these shears say they can cut tourniquets, I figure it's worth the 6 $ or whatever to save them a vet visit. Daughter gets the shears and within 2 minutes texts me that the collar cut right off with no issue. I've got a set headed my way now too."

Take your pet care to a new level with Surviveware's Trauma Shears. Get them today and enjoy 20% off your purchase when you use an exclusive Amazon discount code. Grab a pair of Surviveware Trauma Shears now by clicking here.

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