Peggy Park’s Unshackled Book May Be Heading To A Theatre Near You Soon

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With movies of Faith from Paul, Apostle of Christ, Mary Magdalene, to Unbroken: Path to Redemption. The movie industry is looking for Bible-centric and Christian based lore for the silver screen.

With current movies of Faith crossing the gamut from Paul, Apostle of Christ, God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness, Mary Magdalene, to Unbroken: Path to Redemption. The movie industry is definitely looking for more Bible-centric and Christian based lore for the silver screen.

No wonder Paramount Books Media is working on Hollywood Book to Screen Marketing project for Peggy Park’s Christian book “Unshackled: Experiencing True Freedom for Men and Women.”

Unshackled describes the pathway for breaking free of the chains that bind, beginning with a transformational relationship with Jesus and then embracing his instructions for living.

The book includes true stories of people who have struggled and relates how they broke free, plus specific steps readers can take to experience the same freedom.

Reader and supporter Kay L Frost says “Peggy has done a beautiful job of demonstrating how the truth we know and act on will set us free from the lies that have held us in bondage.”

For those who are just learning about this amazing Christian work or interested in the source divinely inspired and touched of Spirit the Author Mrs. Peggy Park.

Peggy Park is a Christian speaker from Linn, Mississippi, currently living in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband , George. She speaks regionally, nationally, and internationally as well as authoring two books, The Power of the Lamb’s Blood and Unshackled.

Peggy has written a series of twenty discipleship brochures, which are distributed across denominations on a regional, national and international level. Many life challenges, both in herself and others, have provided a wealth of material to draw from.

You will find her contributions in Hurray God by Sharp as well as Lord Help Me Break This Habit by Sherrer. She is the author of a number of articles in publications which include Lookout, Vista, Good Old Days, and Christian Communicator.

Many readers have found great inspiration for their life in the pages of her inspirational books.

“Are you pulled down by life in general? Are you full of fears for the future? Do you feel broken on the inside? Peggy Park’s book will help you find the way to sever the bonds of defeating behaviors and attitudes that keep you from living your life to the fullest. This book should be on every Counselor and Pastor’s shelf. A ‘must have’ for all who are on the journey to wholeness” states Linda C. Davis another inspired Fan of Peggy’s work.

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