Pedal Me Away’s Classic Pedal Cars, Planes And Trains On Promotion This Christmas

This year Pedal Me Away invites parents to celebrate the gift of giving to their children, with classic pedal cars.

— The all-pervasive nature of technology means that sometimes kids are forced to grow up too fast, being given battery operated toys that make noises, light up and only hold their attention till they see the next toy. Over-commercialization of the toy market also means that children are served with toy fashions and fads, and the focus is on quantity over quality.

Pedal Me Away's new product line of pedal tractors, pedal planes and pedal trains have been designed to let kids be kids. These classic toys are a delight for boys and girls, and allow them to be active and enjoy outdoor play, instead of more screen time.

Pedal Me Away's range of Christmas pedal cars are all safety tested to ensure that children have fun using secure technology. The toys are finished with lead-free paint, have non-slip pedals and padded seats for extra comfort and parents' peace of mind.

Playing is a crucial part of any child's healthy development. Not only does it teach children social interaction skills, promote healthy physical development and teach independence, it also helps kids to learn.

Studies have also shown that kids who participate in fantasy play are able to consider more possibilities and imagine more than kids who don't. By losing themselves in a completely immersive world, where they are literally in the driving seat, children develop into healthy, functioning individuals, who are open-minded and contemplative.

Pedal cars, trains and planes give kids a chance to use up some of their physical energy, instead of being pent up inside the house. Modern toys that are battery-operated, make noises and light up take a lot of the imagination out of play. Pedal Me Away's toys are decorated in bright colors but they leave all the fantasy and fun up to the child.

Suitable for children from two years to five years, pedal cars are built to outlast mass-produced, plastic toys. When kids ride on electric cars, it encourages hand motor coordination, and allows children the set their own pace and develop awareness of their surroundings.

Pedal Me Away's pedal trains, planes and cars can also be purchased assembled or partially assembled. A partially assembled car is ideal for older kids, as parents can enjoy some quality time with their children while they put the toy together. Children can develop an appreciation of the mechanics and engineering that goes into the production of these toys. If, however, parents are looking for a gift that is ready for play on Christmas morning, a fully assembled train, car or plane is more convenient.

All of Pedal Me Away's pedal cars, planes and trains come with the option of customizations and embellishments. And, of course, as time goes on, they make the perfect canvas for children to add their own stickers, creativity and even a splash of paint.

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