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PALA ecology 2.0 starts to lead the new trend of community operation

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The construction of PAL international community ecology 2.0, a well-known community in the blockchain, has been launched in an all-round way.

— Global launch of PALA ecology 2.0

Latest news: the construction of PAL international community ecology 2.0, a well-known community in the blockchain, has been launched in an all-round way. It is planned to take five years to truly form the largest blockchain autonomous international community in the world and achieve the grand goal of "1 million consensus partners, 100 million quick payment users, and 10 billion US dollars market value of super public chain".

At present, all R & D upsurge based on blockchain technology application is in full swing around the world. From R & D to building a platform that can carry many transactions and blockchain applications, it must have a strong top-notch blockchain underlying technology support. Since its establishment, PALA international community has been built on top of the top bottom technology in the blockchain industry, which can take into account the scalability, security and real decentralization of the blockchain at the same time, and fully release the strong impetus of blockchain in promoting consensus, reducing intermediate links, building trust and scientific and technological innovation.

The PALA community has been widely recognized in the field of blockchain technology worldwide. It has been praised by more technical authorities in the large-scale industry technology exchange exhibitions held by various official organizations around the world, and highly agreed by more mainstream currency super holders and blockchain application developers.

In the design of PALA ecological 2.0, a new ecological system of finance, public chain, DAPP, wallet, token and social communication will be formed. The community will not depend on any other subjects, create its own fully controllable PALA digital asset system, and open up all ecological applications, so that community members have greater imagination space to devote themselves to various types of extended businesses in the community. In the equal, just, private, safe and efficient global integrated blockchain community, it is easy and flexible to add more value to personal value in the international trend.

Through the continuous innovation of technology and the promotion of more consensus, PALA international has rapidly accumulated more than 100 million payment users in the world through the establishment of more than 1 million consensus partners, and jointly completed the super public chain with a market value of $10 billion, and continues to explore more iterative updates of knowledge in the private and public fields in the core value of the super public chain.

PALA takes community users as the first. Through community entry level projects, it can integrate various channel resources in the industry, transform the time and energy input of community users into effective output, and enable users to gain value in various DAPP applications and project experiences. Users will share the economic dividend of large community flow and ecology. They can get high-quality services through consumption, and get a lot of income through value-added investment.

PALA ecology 2.0 leads the new trend of community operation
PALA ecological construction is mainly driven by technology + users (i.e. PaLa algorithm and PALA community), to solve the problem of building blockchain community and application landing, so that users can get wealth and happiness in the simplest way.

PALA breaks through the narrow concept of community, creates an open community based on consensus, CO creation, CO governance and win-win thinking, and strives to create a super PALA international community ecology suitable for all individuals, enterprises and other communities. In the stage of ecological 2.0, we will rely on the internal information value sharing and application to realize the endogenous value cycle, and then build a super platform bearing many transactions and DAPP applications.

Based on the concept of four common PALA2.0 Ecology, build the incubation community model. Get rid of the limitation based on a single blockchain project, and facilitate the participation of practitioners of various projects and global blockchain enthusiasts. Community members have a high degree of consensus, which can summarize the development direction and prospective indicators of existing consensus algorithms, and provide more opportunities for more blockchain technology creators to co create. Fully decentralized and distributed algorithms can bring users more in-depth participation in community construction, and will give more space to strong and professional consensus makers. Completely solve the link channel between blockchain industry and traditional industry, and each super node will become the best witness of win-win.

The community operation of PALA takes community users as the first, gathers in-depth consensus, achieves strong community stickiness, provides the model of "creating community, managing community, serving community and benefiting community" for industry development, pays attention to the development of blockchain projects, hopes that communities can jointly discuss the development of blockchain projects, share the knowledge of blockchain projects, and popularize the value of blockchain, so as to promote the popularization of blockchain technology And application, enabling the development of individual and real economy.

As the connector of community value, Palla 2.0 ecology provides multiple token acquisition channels, such as: income from rental computing power pack, income from DAPP interaction, income from original subscription, income from community activities, etc. PALA international community has rich resources and many partners in the industry, and has reached in-depth consensus with a number of domestic and foreign mines, investment funds, and large trading households, which will provide sufficient liquidity for the launch of PALA token and bring users a good use experience.

PALA will build a super open, negotiated and jointly managed industry cooperation and exchange platform, with blockchain technology and landing application as the main line, gather industry resources, and open up more business opportunities for members of the PALA community; provide rich and diverse financial services, so that community users can participate in and integrate into the rapid development of blockchain technology, and bring more value-added opportunities to users. Let users gain personal wealth growth in participation, win the sense of health, happiness and dedication, and finally return to a happy family life.

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