Overcoming Financial Insecurities That Can Harm Health & Wellbeing Advice Launch

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Six-Figure Mentors (SFM) recently released advice on overcoming financial insecurities. The company links financial insecurities with stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Online marketing company, Six Figure Mentors (SFM) recently released advice on how to overcome financial insecurities. The company’s advice particularly targets those financial insecurities that cause unwanted harm to one’s health and wellbeing.

Details can be found at http://tidyurl.com/gyi9ls

The marketing company understands the physical and mental effects that worrying about finances has on health and wellbeing. Hence, the newly launched mentorship advice will feature tips on how to overcome these effects.

It’s a known fact that financial stress can oftentimes lead to poor physical health. Ongoing stress about money has been linked to health issues like migraines, heart disease, diabetes, sleep problems, among others.

Studies conducted over the years have shown that people in debt have higher rates of mental health issues like depression and anxiety than those who are debt-free. Researchers have also found a relationship between financial problems and depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety come with their own set of symptoms, including changes in appetite or weight, exhaustion or fatigue, an increased heart rate, restlessness, sweating, as well as a lack of interest in those things pertaining to everyday life.

Additionally, stress hormones are known to affect one’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems. During the stress response, one tends to breathe faster in an effort to quickly distribute oxygen-rich blood to the body.

This, in turn, causes one’s blood pressure to rise. As a result, frequent or chronic stress will make one’s heart to overwork.

In essence, financial insecurities cause one to stress. This stress could then lead to heart conditions, and further, heart failure.

According to SFM’s team of experts, there are psychological and emotional signs of stress that can be detected on one’s own. Among them are depression or anxiety, anger, irritability, or restlessness, a sense of feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, or unfocused, and trouble sleeping or sleeping too much.

Given the signs and symptoms of financial insecurities mentioned above, the marketing mentorship firm has come up with some simple steps on improving one’s finances. These steps will further help to improve one’s overall wellbeing.

According to the company’s experts, in order to improve both one’s finances and wellbeing, one must first identify one’s stress points. Next, one should try to think positively despite the stress points.

The next steps would then be taking a realistic viewpoint while making the most of one’s income. The SFM team encourages that small steps are key to overcoming financial stress. Finally, persons are advised to create a passive income around their hobby.

Focusing primarily on finances, the marketing mentorship team further advises persons to get on a budget (if not already on one), and try cutting expenses, save up an emergency fund, avoid incurring new debt while making a debt payoff plan.

The company further encourages persons to find ways of earning extra income and putting their finances on autopilot. For these steps, SFM has the resources needed to help persons get started.

SFM understands that financial health, like one’s physical health, is essential in leading a successful and happy life. Added to this, creating a sound financial present does more than alleviate current stress – it lays the foundation for a stable and secure financial future.

Interested parties can visit the aforementioned website and take advantage of the free advice and further sign up to be well on the way to financial and physical health.

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