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Outsource That launched a full report on the profile of the modern outsourcing clients, including statistics on their occupation status, gender, age, outsourcing platform of choice, expectations and many others.

Outsource That, an outsourcing consulting agency, announced a full infographic and report on the current state of outsourcing in the US. The company asked 100 people a series of questions related to how they use outsourcing to get products and services for their projects, their financial profile, expectations, goals and many others. The resulting data can be highly useful for anyone interested in the state of outsourcing in 2019.

The full infographic can be found at https://outsourcethat.today/our-survey.

The latest survey aims to identify the current trends in outsourcing, with a particular focus on the profile of the modern outsourcing client.

The survey asked respondents how they would describe themselves in terms of business ownership. Eight percent referred to themselves as entrepreneurs who work with a team of small people; twelve percent said they are “solopreneurs” who do everything in their business by themselves; sixteen percent described themselves as either owners or managers of a small business, while a further fifty-three percent said they are employees of a company.

The results suggest that small business owners account for the most outsourcing clients. This is understandable because business owners want to stay ahead of competition and cut down production cost.

The report also discovered that a certain percentage of the people who are employees of a company are not outsourcing for the company they work at, but rather for their own part-time business. Having a regular income provided them with the money needed to outsource. Those that are outsourcing for a company were taking advantage of the diversification outsourcing brings with it when wanting access to higher technology, software and business functions, and fulfilling their overflow of work.

In terms of age groups, fifteen percent of the respondents are between the ages of 18 and 20 years; a further nineteen percent are between 30 and 44 years, while the highest range was between the ages 45 and 60 years, covering sixty-six percent of the respondents. Finally, twelve percent are over 60 years of age.

Some of the reasons for outsourcing mentioned include projects like outsourcing website development, marketing services and IT projects.

The report also covered the gender of outsourcing clients. Fifty-seven percent of them are women and forty-three percent of clients are men.

When it comes to the outsourcing platform of choice, the report found a balance between Upwork and Fiverr. Thirty-four percent of clients had used a freelance website like Upwork, and twenty-one percent had used micro outsourcing sites like Fiverr. Forty-five percent of clients have used both, meaning that most outsourcing clients are able to switch between platforms, depending on their projects.

The report also asked respondents about the major challenges they face when outsourcing. These included finding the right freelancer, finding a freelancer they can trust, fear of who to trust when it comes to hiring a freelancer and having private data leaked to an unknown outsider.

The full report also includes data on the average budget of outsourcing clients, their preferred payment type, and many others.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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