Outdoor & Recreation Activities Present More Room For Injury

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Following some basic stretching and exercising tips can ensure that everyone stays healthy during this activity and busy time in Carol Stream and other Chicago metro areas.

With summertime weather on it’s way in, that means that more and more people are heading outdoors to participate in activities such as baseball, working out, as well as various water sports. As amazing as this weather can feel and as good as it makes people feel to be out in it, it also raises the chances of someone suffering an injury while partaking in these fun activities.

Dr. David Cavazos of Dr Cavazos David DC, Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Carol Stream, IL sees more and more clients every summer because of different injuries they sustain and having to deal with the adjustments afterwards. “I see a huge influx of new clients every summer because of the different things that are going on around the area,” says Dr. Cavazos. “Sometimes these injuries occur in situations that you can’t prevent but often times, there are things one can do to ensure that before there are any injuries to be as preventative as possible.”

One of the first things Dr. Cavazos suggests to clients is to continually stretch before exercise. “Stretching before any sort of physical activity prepares the body for the physical toil this exercise will take. For example, basic lunges loosen the muscles in the legs which allows the muscle more free range of motion.”

“Secondly, people need to exercise! It’s so simple to do. Even a light jog can prepare the body for higher levels of physical activity. Never underestimate the power of a light jog.”

“Thirdly, never hesitate to visit a chiropractor. Often times, that pain one may be having in a knee or back can simply be adjusted and doesn’t require the long, tedious, and expensive surgery that people often resort to.”

This summer, be sure you follow these basic steps to ensure that the body stays healthy so everyone can go out and enjoy the activities that Carol Stream, IL has to offer!

To learn more about these steps to stay healthy visit Dr Cavazos David DC, Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Carol Stream, IL

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