Operation Antarctica: The Quest To Permanently Debunk (Or Prove) The Flat Earth

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Kansas Native Justin West proposes a trek to the Antarctic to prove or disprove a very common flat earth model, and has launched a GoFundMe campaign called Operation Antarctica to do just that.

Kansas native Justin West, the founder and CEO of Hundreds of Customers LLC a marketing agency based out of Kansas City, Has announced that he intends to produce a documentary that will either confirm or completely debunk the notion of the Flat Earth, and has launched a viral Go Fund Me campaign under the Aegis of Operation Antarctica.

“Recently a dear friend of mine and I got into a discussion after a long Hiatus of not being able to hang out and talk, and she informed me that being naturally conspiracy theory minded she had recently fallen pretty far down the ‘Flat Earth rabbit hole,’” said West, explaining part of his motivation for this project. “We spent hours debating back and forth over the phone, in good spirits and in a friendly tone, but it made me start to really wonder about the people who hold the sort of a belief. So I sent out to watch as many videos as I could both claiming to support and debunk the Flat Earth model. it became my sole focus for days.”

Then, like Archimedes of old – or perhaps more appropriately Eratosthenes who was the ancient Greek philosopher that described the curvature of the earth and estimated its diameter in the third Century BCE – West said he grasped a simple proof that would demonstrate either the validity or invalidity of the most commonly held flat earth model. “Every map of the Flat Earth that I have seen looks more or less like the flag of the United Nations, with what is essentially the North Pole in the center of the more or less Round Disc that is the Earth. On this model there is no South Pole, and all of Antarctica essentially makes a giant ice wall ring around the edge of the Earth.”

West continues, “I’ve known multiple people who lived in the north, and I’ve often heard of the documented Long Winter nights and long summer days that happened to post living in Alaska and the Scandinavian countries Etc. And I’ve seen a few documentaries about penguins that suggest the same phenomenon happens at the South Pole, so I immediately looked to see if I could find video of such phenomenon. And I did.”

On a flat Earth model, as West shows in his video Operation Antarctica, the sun and moon rotate around the North Pole, possibly bobbing up and down a little bit around a smaller and larger set of concentric circles that would be the various Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn which influence the seasons and what are generally understood to be the Northern and Southern hemispheres, respectively.

Unfortunately, according to West, this video evidence was simply not enough. “At this point I’m fairly sure that the Earth is round and that the video evidence that I found is sufficient to prove that fact. However, most people in the flat-earth community are very distrustful of any information put out by any major organization as they might all be in on some sort of a grand conspiracy to dupe the world. They firmly and ardently believe that there are no videos or photos that show the Earth from space, and that every purported photo has been photoshopped or doctored.”

“So what I’m proposing, as a simple, unbiased, mild-mannered Kansan, is to pack up my things, possibly my friend, and ideally my family, and make the arduous trek to Antarctica and document every step of the way, to show whether or not this phenomenon actually does happen as it is claimed. I’m calling this Operation Antarctica. I’m hoping I can raise enough money to pay my way down there – ideally with my friend and my family – but also to buy the equipment I’d need to explore Antarctica, and to document the entire process.”

“Ultimately I’m guided by a dedication to the truth and I mean that sincerely even though most people will assume that this entire thing is done somewhat tongue-in-cheek. If I get to Antarctica and I find that the sun does not stay in the sky 24 hours a day during the southern hemisphere summer months, I will report that fact, and strongly consider converting to being a flat Earth proponent. Naturally, I don’t suspect that that will happen, but being intellectually honest I am open to it.”

Donations to West’s GoFundMe can be made via this link: http://gf.me/u/uitjdn

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