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Nonprofit organization Target Evolution has launched a new online program, Teen Biz Program, for youth and teens interested in starting their own small businesses. The program is remote, which is beneficial during these challenging times.

Target Evolution, a nonprofit organization established in 2011, Teen Biz Camp, offering participants the chance to develop key skills they need to become entrepreneurs. The online program empowers teens with resources to start a small business to help pay for college and other activities.

More information can be found at

Registration is now open for the Teen Biz Camp Orientation Webinar at the website above. Interested parties can sign up to learn more about the opportunity, which is available to youth ages 12-19 in the United States.

The recently launched program’s mission is to create a successful, purposeful generation of youth prepared for life in the 21st century economy. Studies have shown that in the United States, over 50% of teens are unmotivated, unprepared for college, and economically disadvantaged, contributing to the growing student loan debt crisis. However, 70% of teens want to start their own business.

These statistics solidify the need for education helping teens to earn and properly manage money, as well as to imagine what their future as a business owner can look like. Helping teens start a small business motivates them to get an education and to help pay for college.

The award-winning Teen Biz Camp program is the leading after-school program in Texas. Now, through the launch of this new online platform, teens nationwide are able to attend and get the help they need realizing their ambitions.

The Teen Biz Camp has been hosted in four Texas cities, including Houston and Dallas, and has had over 500 student participants. Since this program is now held entirely online, attendees are able to learn the skills they need from the comfort of their own home.

It’s especially beneficial during the current climate where it’s harder for teens to access the courses and development opportunities they need during these difficult times.

One person said: “I have seen Target Evolution grow from its humble beginnings, to now helping kids all over the country become entrepreneurs and business owners… [They have] been able to reach students who may have been left behind, or worse, pushed into the workforce with no job skills, and the desire to become business owners.”

The program also focuses on fundamental skills necessary to be successful in small business, such as business ethics, financial literacy, public speaking, event planning, networking, and more.

Teens who complete the program begin earning money with their own small business upon successful completion of the program, but most teens begin earning money in as little as 30 days in the organization’s Trail Blaze stores in Dallas and Houston.

Full details can be found at the website mentioned above.

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