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One-stop Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) Based Molecular Drug Discovery Solutions at Creative Biolabs

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Creative Biolabs is capable of serving global clients with innovative proteolysis targeting chimeric (PROTAC) molecule discovery solutions with the aim of pushing forward their novel drug discovery projects targeting various diseases.

— As a novel drug discovery approach, PROTAC (a heterobifunctional small molecule made up of a linker and two warheads) is attractive to medical research institutes and medicine manufacturers that are seeking for novel therapeutic drugs which function more than directly controlling protein activity merely. Creative Biolabs, taking advantage of the protein ubiquitination that PROTAC uses proteasome-mediated proteolysis via E3 ligase and through the body's housekeeping protein degradation system to selectively degrade the pathogenic proteins to treat cancer or other difficult-to-treat diseases, has issued out a series of discovery and biological evaluation services regarding PROTAC molecules, covering ligand design for target protein, ligand screening for E3 ligase, linker design and optimization, PROTAC structural modification, peptide and compound synthesis. All of them are available for individuals or package purchases.

The ligand design for target protein solution is designated for assisting customers with exploring the best ligand for the pathogenic protein of specific disease. Not only ideal target proteins like cytosolic, nuclear and trans-membrane targets are accepted, but also cases regarding transcription factors, non-enzymatic proteins, scaffold proteins, kinases, receptors or bromodomains and even proteins with little references can get resolved by the professional scientists.

Ligand screening for E3 ligase further refines the best E3 ubiquitin ligases for the target protein to work out the most powerful PROTAC molecule for customers, such as popular E3 ligases, Von Hippel-Lindau disease tumor suppressor protein (VHL), the Mouse Double Minute 2 homolog (MDM2), the cellular Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins (cIAP), and cereblon.

Creative Biolabs can handle linker design and optimization for customers by monitoring linker types, altering the linker length to realize optimal interaction, and relocating the linker position to maximize binding affinity. In addition, the structure of PROTAC candidates can also get optimized based upon the high-tech platform, to maximize the degradation efficacy of the interested protein.

Compared with conventional protein drugs, the PROTAC pushes the drug discovery industry into a novel epoch when the disease-causing proteins are degraded rather than inhibited to lower the toxicity and extend pharmacodynamics effect. Creative Biolabs is quite specialized in PROTAC molecule discovery with its comprehensive services, and a full list of PROTAC products is accessible if requested, which include linker, ligands, E3 ligase and target proteins and are at competitive price in industry and ready to ship. More relevant information can be reached at

About the Company
Creative Biolabs is made up of a professional research team of scientists and professors that have been dedicated to the research & development of protein drug discovery and engineering since establishment in 2004. Through tireless exploration, the company has gained extensive experience in relevant fields and is specialized in providing PROTAC-based drug development services covering the entire pipeline from early discovery to pre-clinical evaluation and clinical trials.

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