Omaha Car Accident Attorney Reveals Auto Lawsuits Linked To Insurance Rate Hikes

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Are financial settlements to auto accident victims the reason behind car insurance premium increases? Omaha auto accident attorney Matthew G. Miller explains why the compensation he wins for his clients plays only a small part of the growing problem of car insurance premium rate spikes.

Omaha car accident attorneys have noticed an upward trend in the number of lawsuits brought on by auto accidents. This increased number of accidents, both large and small, may have contributed to a rise in car insurance rates. According to a recent study, insurance premiums will only continue to increase into 2019. Although insurance rates as a whole have risen, the auto sector has the steepest rise in premiums. According to a 2019 Insurance Marketplace Realities report, auto insurance rates are expected to rise between 6% and 12% in 2019.

This sharp increase is no doubt due to the rise in the number car accidents, but it also has to do with a higher number of commercial vehicles on the road. With more and more people shopping online, delivery services are taking to the streets in higher numbers. Other driving services, such as Uber and Lyft, are adding to the number of cars on the streets of cities like Omaha, NE. With more cars on the road, there are more accidents, and more accidents tighten profits for insurance companies.

“Unlike the gains made during good business cycles, for-profit insurance companies invariably pass losses on to the consumer. Auto insurance premium increases are a natural result of insurance companies seeking to recoup losses they’ve suffered from record settlements they’ve been forced to pay people like my clients,” says Matthew Miller, an Omaha car accident lawyer. “When my firm wins their cases against negligent car and truck drivers, insurance companies pay my clients the financial settlements they deserve.”

The Matthew Miller law firm works diligently to secure the rightful compensation for those injured in car accidents. While many people link car accident lawsuits with higher insurance costs, that may not be the full story, according to Mr. Miller:

“The for-profit insurance industry has traditionally blamed large verdicts for premium increases, even when the actual facts show this to be false. We have seen an increasing number of large verdicts against corporate defendants in catastrophic injury cases when the evidence shows that the corporate defendant has systematically put their desire for profits ahead of concerns for the safety of the public. Based on the substantial awards I’ve won for my clients who were injured in auto and truck accidents, I can confirm that the trend of increasing payouts for auto accident claims has risen substantially recently.”

Some steps have been taken, such as higher rates for commercial drivers and stricter rules of the road in many states. However, until there is a way to cull the number of cars on the roads in cities like Omaha, NE, accident rates, and therefore insurance costs, are unlikely to go down.

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