OLCatalog Publishes Latest Magazine Ads And Circulars Online, Including Kroger Supermarket

19 October, 2017

OLCatalog has today published the latest round of digitized print ads and circulars to their website, to help people find the best deals available before doing their shopping. OLCatalog finds the best advertisements and special incentives distributed in print across the US, and shares them online so more people can take advantage of these offers. The latest offers include a Kroger Weekly ad Kroger Ad that will allow parents to save up to 40% on selected Halloween related items.

The newest incentives from the Kroger Weekly ad also include specials on fuel points, fresh fruit, ground beef and more, allowing people to prepare for Halloween while also reducing their weekly grocery budget and fuel bill. The print ads have been scanned in high resolution from magazines, in order to maximize awareness for consumers who may not buy these magazines. This in turn allows more people to take advantage of the offers than ever before.

OLCatalog works tirelessly to discover the best printed ads and special incentives found in magazines, circulars and other print, so avid bargain hunters can see the best of what’s available across the board before choosing where to make their purchases. The site is regularly updated in order to ensure offers are always the best available, and always in date.

A spokesperson for OLCatalog explained, “We are committed to providing bargain hunters with the best possible online resource. That means working tirelessly to digitize the print marketing that some stores are still determined to use, and giving it a second life online where more customers can benefit from it. We provide this service for free to customers, so they can simply come to our website and discover what the stores are offering across all magazines and circulars – something that would cost them both time and money if they were to buy the magazines to do manual research. This in turn helps businesses get more customers, so everybody wins.”

About OLCatalog: OLCatalog is an online resource center finding, authenticating and sharing digitized copies of the circulars, ads and special deals that have been featured in print media, allowing greater numbers of customers to benefit from these special offers. These include major supermarkets, electronics and clothing stores and more. The site is regularly updated with the latest releases.

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Joe Hughes

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