Oak Park IL Memory Loss Reverse Cognitive Decline Bredesen Protocol Launched

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To help those with memory loss in Chicago and surrounding areas, Dr Panitch, a leading physician, launched the Bredesen Protocol a proven cognitive decline reversal treatment.

Lakeview Integrative Medicine, a progress clinic led by Dr Silvia Panitch, has launched a treatment specializing in the reversal of memory loss, cognitive decline and improvement of Alzheimer’s disease. The treatment named the Bredesen Protocol after founder Dr Dale Bredesen is proven to change lives.

For more information visit: https://lakeviewintegrativemedicine.com/memory-loss-2

Recently launched, the Bredesen Protocol reviews every side of a patient’s lifestyle to expose risk factors and the early signs of neurodegeneration. Dr Panitch, trained by Professor Bredesen, understands how the RECODE report, which is a fundamental part of the protocol, helps to reverse cognitive decline.

Professor Bredesen, an internationally acclaimed neuroscience researcher and physician, recognizes that there are several types of cognitive decline – inflammation, nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalance, toxicity, vascular problems, trauma-induced, and diabetes-related – all link to neurodegeneration of the brain. So, by focusing on all of these and concentrating efforts on genetics, glucose, insulin levels, low Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels, and metal, mold and other possible contaminants in a patient’s life, the clinic and Dr Panitch can effectuate positive change.

The Bredesen Protocol changes lives by reversing the contributing factors to cognitive decline. For instance, a recent article published by Discover Magazine found that a 70-year-old retired nurse who displayed increasing signs of Alzheimer’s, who contacted physician Dale Bredesen, was able to reverse cognitive decline using Bredesen’s treatment. Dr Bredesen, who believes that there are a broad range of factors the upset the body’s natural cell regeneration, identified dozens of mechanisms – high concentrations of fungus, mold toxins and fasting insulin – that were affecting the nurse’s cognitive response. And yet, by identifying these factors and then making lifestyle changes, the nurse regained cognitive ability.

When asked what it was like to work with Dr Silvia Panitch, a clinic representative said, “Our program uses a systematic and individualized approach. We look into the ‘whys’ of cognitive decline and conduct specific tests, review nutrition, lifestyle and other lifestyle factors. An initial consultation typically takes 2-hours.”

Lakeview Integrative Medicine is a specialist clinic that focuses on memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, personalized nutrient therapies, genetic and genomic testing, mold illness. By facilitating powerful life-changing treatments the clinic has a strong reputation.

Patients of Dr Panitch say the doctor is one of the best they’ve seen. View testimonials at https://lakeviewintegrativemedicine.com/testimonials.

To find out more about Lakeview Integrative Medicine and their reversal of memory loss and cognitive decline using the Bredesen Protocol, call 773 525 6595 or click on the link above. At the URL above site visitors can learn more about the clinic, Dr Panitch, and what happens during treatment.

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Name: Silvia Panitch, M.D. - Internist / Medical Director
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Organization: Dr. Silvia Z. Panitch, MD
Address: 3344 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60657, United States
Phone: +1-773-525-6595
Website: https://lakeviewintegrativemedicine.com/memory-loss-2/

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