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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / NueDay Releases Powerful, All-Natural, New Moso Bamboo Charcoal Refrigerator Purifier

NueDay Releases Powerful, All-Natural, New Moso Bamboo Charcoal Refrigerator Purifier

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Brand new refrigerator purifying bag vastly outperforms common baking soda at trapping odors and contaminants without introducing artificial chemicals or scents, NueDay reports

NueDay announced the release of its new moso bamboo charcoal air purifying bag for refrigerators. Safer than air purifiers containing compounds like petrochemicals and much more effective than the baking soda that is commonly used instead, the new charcoal-based purifier is the ultimate solution to refrigerator odors, contamination, and more. NueDay is a leading designer and manufacturer of products that, like the new air purifier for refrigerators, make home life safer, more enjoyable, and more satisfying.

"Nobody likes living with a smelly, unpleasant refrigerator," NueDay representative Grace Landers noted, "Unfortunately, the baking soda that so many people depend on is rarely up to the job of keeping the air within a refrigerator fresh and clean. Our new moso charcoal air purifier for refrigerators provides unbeatable purifying power in a safe, 100% natural form."

With an incredible amount of surface area for a given volume of material, charcoal of various kinds is used widely throughout industry and everyday life for filtration. For centuries, in fact, people in Japan have used charcoal made from the moso species of bamboo for filtering water and other substances whose purity and safety are essential to human well-being.

Properly packaged and applied, that same kind of charcoal can be just the thing to tackle the refrigerator odors and contamination issues that are so common, as NueDay's brand new moso charcoal bag purifier shows. As detailed at, the charcoal within each rugged, attractive, all-natural bag has been shown to capture a wide range of potentially harmful, noxious airborne substances like ammonia, benzene, chloroform, and more.

It is remarkably effective at trapping the kinds of odors that commonly build up in refrigerators if left unaddressed, whether from spoiled foods or those with naturally strong smells. The new moso bag refrigerator purifier also traps moisture, keeping humidity levels constant and fighting the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other threats.

With a convenient, integrated suction cup that allows the bag to be mounted to any smooth surface, the nueday moso charcoal purifier conserves precious refrigerator space. The bag itself is also crafted from rugged, natural materials and ready to provide long-term service to every owner.

As with the rest of NueDay's top-quality, exclusive products, the new moso charcoal refrigerator purifying bag carries a no-hassle, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. Those interested in the innovative new refrigerator purifier can find more information at, where all of NueDay's products are detailed extensively.

About NueDay:
Guided by a deep passion for life at home, NueDay offers up affordable, all-natural, eco-friendly products that make everyday living safer, more enjoyable, and more beautiful.

Contact Info:
Name: Grace Landers
Organization: Nueday
Phone: 414-232-2211

Source URL:

For more information, please visit

Source: MarketersMedia

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