Nourigen Labs Launches Innovative Product Line To Help Change The Way Women Age… From The Inside.

07 September, 2020

AgelessLX® is a powerful combination of ingredients formulated exclusively for women. The product blends the 5x patented compound, Calcium HMB (a natural metabolite of the amino acid leucine) with biotin and pro-collagen mediators. These targeted, targeted, clinically tested ingredients were strategically and purposefully selected to reverse the visible effects of aging.

AgelessLX® supports the most common visible signs women face as they mature by increasing muscle strength, increasing fat loss, improving body composition, reducing fine facial lines and wrinkles, boosting energy and endurance, while promoting thicker, stronger hair and nails.

While AgelessLX® alone serves as a woman’s main defense against the clock, Nourigen Labs coupled the product with a digital lifestyle program kit called the Ageless TransformationsTM Health Reset. This companion program to the AgelessLX® dietary product provides crucial tools, education and a step-by-step roadmap to help women discover how beneficial changes in their nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep and relationships enhance their health in ways they can see and feel.

This innovative breakthrough program includes 60 distinct daily workouts, 3 unique nutrition plans, curated fitness equipment, and a private online community where women support one another through their shared program experiences. Led by an all-woman, expert clinical faculty, the online course integrates the latest research with clinical education to help women live vibrantly.

“Consumers spend a lot of money on nutritional supplements, and very few can say with confidence that their health has changed for the better as a result,” says Nourigen VP of Product Innovation, Michele Drielick. “We want to push the industry toward a new level of accountability for results that consumers can actually see, feel and measure.”

Dr. Robert Sheeler a practicing physician and former Editor of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter assisted Nourigen in the formulation of AgelessLX®. “The research behind AgelessLX® is extremely compelling, and it’s one of the few products in the anti-aging space that actually produces a noticeable effect,” he says. “Combined with the targeted education program our team has developed around it, this has the potential to meaningfully impact the vitality of women across the US. I hope other natural product companies follow the example being set by Nourigen – both in their commitment to research and to producing real results for consumers.”

The AgelessLX® product and Ageless Transformations Health Reset Program are available at

About Nourigen Labs
Nourigen Labs creates innovative and targeted nutritional solutions that are specially researched, formulated, developed and backed by the world’s leading experts. This allows Nourigen to deliver safe and clinically effective formulations that empower consumers, physicians, dietitians/nutritionists and other medical professionals to provide the best possible health solutions for all phases of nutrition and healing.

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