New Weight-Bearing MRI Technology Boosts Case Value By Detecting Undiagnosed Disc Injuries

New weight bearing MRI can help doctors diagnose and treat previously undiagnosed Disc injuries.

Christopher McNeil, Chiropractor and Macomb Township Chiropractic Clinic Director, specializes in treating disc injuries. He states, "new weight-bearing MRI technology can detect previously undiagnosed disc injuries, which allows the patient to receive the care they need to prevent a permanent life long injury, and it can also increases their auto claim settlement when insurance companies unfairly cut off their benefits".

Recent studies have shown that getting a weight bearing MRI can help detect previous undisclosed injuries to a patient’s disc and back and this new method of detection can help patients like never before.

According to a study on the website, they say: “With this weight bearing MRI technique, MRI images may be taken in painful body positions so that morphological changes of the intervertebral disk or other spinal structures may be correlated with pain or other symptoms.”

A study from the Journal of American Kinesiotherapy Association concluded that Axial loading during an MRI was used safely and effectively in a person with acute low back pain and produced changes in posterior disc bulge that were not detectable during conventional imaging.

This is especially important for auto accident injury patients in Michigan. Not only can weight bearing MRI help detect disc injuries so they can be properly teated, it may also help injured patients receive a settlement, or a much larger settlement, that they probably would not have received had it not been for using this new technology.

"We have been seeing some amazing results with this new weight-bearing MRI technology. It essentially enables the detection of herniated discs, and other disc injuries, that may not be seen on traditional MRI/CT. One of our patients, who was injured in an auto accident, was sent to an MRI facility by the patent's primary care physician. That MRI facility didn't find any disc injuries on his lumbar MRI. This didn't correlate with our exam findings so we referred him to M1 imaging for weight bearing MRI. The results were astounding. His first MRI showed nothing! The weight-bearing MRI showed disc protrusions, herniations, annular tears and disc bulges. Now Plus he can get the care he needs to prevent any more permanency and his auto injury case just went from low dollar value to high dollar value " said Dr. McNeil

For those who have been in an auto accident, make sure and contact Macomb Township area Chiropractor Dr. Chris McNeil.

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