New product K65 Davcna Blagajna for Business Owners Goes on Sale 21.04.2015

Mobilna Dav?na Blagajna announced the availability of their new fiscal cash register K65 dav?na blagajna beginning 21.04.2015. K65 dav?na blagajna is designed to appeal specifically to Business Owners and includes: New Display, Custom's cloud portal, Embedded Web Server.

Customers looking for the latest fiscal cash register can purchase K65 davcna blagajna by Mobilna Davcna Blagajna. The detailed product listing can be found here: K65 davcna blagajna

K65 davcna blagajna is designed to appeal specifically to Business Owners and includes:

Embedded Web Server – Allows real time programming and monitoring of the fiscal and operating functions of the cash register. The store can count on a safe instrument that can be monitored remotely 24 hours a day.

Custom’s cloud portal – It allows to be immediately ONLINE, wihtout the PC help and it allows to use different services such as remote teleassistance (ECR programmation) and Marketing & Advertising functions (receipt graphic, sliding messages, news and weather). CUSTOM GPRS modem is included. Supports Management of phone recharge service and Gift cards.

Display – Integrated blue backlit LCD customer and operator display with 2 lines x 20 characters (character dimension 6mm x 10mm high).

Marko Knez, Marketing Professional of Mobilna Davcna Blagajna, when asked about K65 davcna blagajna said:

It is a custom made product for a local business. It contains fiscal suite: self-installing software package that can be updated remotely via Internet which allows targeted analysis of the data in the fiscal journal, the programming of graphics and logos on the receipts, the PC programming of the keyboard. Ethernet connectivity also allows the automatic sending of emails to send reports, tax information, sales and statistical reports or cash register operational status reports for the technical assistance staff. With a modern design and reduced footprint, K65 is the ideal product for street markets, but also for all the shops where space is limited and dedicated to the sale.

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here:

Contact Info:
Name: Marko Knez
Organization: Mobilna Dav?na Blagajna
Address: Put zivota 23A
Phone: 38762587412

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