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The Perfect Workout Menlo Park ARX held an informative webinar on The Science Behind Slow-Motion Strength Training. Those seeking a personal trainer can view the video for free on their website.

Those seeking a personal trainer interested in learning more about The Science Behind Slow-Motion Strength Training & Why It’s Perfect For You can view an exclusive video for free on The Perfect Workout Menlo Park Arx Training website.

In addition to answering many questions about Slow-Motion Strength Training, The Perfect Workout’s video also covered, “What High Intensity Exercise is, What is Exercise, and what Exercise isn’t. One of the most surprising sets of facts explored during the video’s presentation is “What is Absolutely Necessary for Exercise to be Effective,” which very few people seeking a personal trainer are aware of.

The points of interest highlighted in this informative video include:

High Intensity Exercise Defined According To The Perfect Workout

The first thing to know about exercise is that it is not any type of movement or activity that increases your heart rate or makes you sweat. Exercise is a stimulus that causes a response from the body, and a certain amount of time and recovery is needed for the body to benefit from the stimulus. High-intensity exercise in particular, is brief, focused, and intentional.

Over the years, The Perfect Workout says they have discovered that short, brief and intense exercise actually has more power and more positive effects on the body than any kind of prolonged exercise does. This often brings up the questions- when do you actually get stronger? Where do you grow muscle?

The often assumed answer is during the workout. Muscles actually get stronger after the workout. The time spent working out was just the time that you needed to trigger the necessary stimulus. Your body also needs to eat, sleep and rest in order to recover. You actually get stronger during that recovery period. So in short, high-intensity exercise (HIE) is short, brief & intense, requires ample recovery and has more positive effects on the body than prolonged or low-intensity exercises.

Exercise Explained According To The Perfect Workout-

“Brief, intense, effective stimulus done through resistance training is essentially one way to define exercise and then everything else that you do for fun or for socialization or for sport or for competition, you would call that recreation,” Mark explained. Mark made an interesting analogy between exercise and brushing your teeth. “It’s just something you do, maybe it’s not super fun. But if you don’t do it, eventually, things will rot and decay. It’s the same thing with your body, if you’re not paying attention to it and doing high-intensity exercise, your muscles will decay, your bones will decay, things start to happen and you start to fall apart quite literally, it’s not fun.” What we’d like to reiterate is that exercise is truly for the purpose of improving… But that doesn’t mean stop doing the things that you love to do! Keep playing tennis if you love the sport. Head to the golf course if it’s your Saturday ritual. The exercises that we’re doing together are going to actually enhance the things that you love to do outside of the workouts. It’s going to make you stronger, better, more athletic and help you move easier.

Attributes Of An Effective Exercise According To The Perfect Workout-

To make an exercise even more effective you must eliminate momentum, be slow and methodical. The movement of each exercise should be extremely slow- 10 seconds to move the resistance, and 10 seconds to resist it. Avoid locking out your joints- keep them bent so the muscles stay loaded (working at all times). And you’re doing it in a manner to which your muscles will fatigue. Fatiguing the muscles is the ultimate goal of each exercise and really what you’re after. Another factor you don’t want to overlook is the length of time you exercise. You don’t want to go for too long or too short. Performing any exercise for too long is likely more cardiometabolic and a whole lot less strength and power than you wanted from the set. You also don’t want to go too short because if you perform the exercise for too little time, it’s possible you just never really activate some of those cardiometabolic effects. The ideal length of time needed for each exercise is 60 seconds to 120 seconds (1-2 minutes), or somewhere within that range.

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