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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Nevan Donahue Advertises The Real Senior Prom To Fight Loneliness

Nevan Donahue Advertises The Real Senior Prom To Fight Loneliness

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The project is underpinned by the belief that companionship is critical for the welfare of older adults.

— It has been discovered that isolation and loneliness are just as bad for a person as obesity or smoking. Isolation and loneliness have been made worse in recent years because of the increased popularity of social media, which was meant to bring people together instead. A study commissioned by the US health insurance company, Cigna, recognized that 46% of Americans feel lonely. In addition, the researchers concluded that the effect of solitude on mortality equals that of smoking 15 cigarettes per day. While the problem appears to be spreading among younger generations due to the demands and complexities of life in the 21st century, the issue came to prominence courtesy of various studies focused on senior citizens. As one report noted, “There is strong evidence that many older adults feel isolated, and that loneliness is associated with poor health and higher rates of mortality.” It was media coverage of one such study that pushed Nevan Donahue and his wife, Sarah Berner, into action, inspiring them to launch The Real Senior Prom.

The project is underpinned by the belief that companionship is critical for the welfare of older adults and works even better when combined with age-appropriate physical activity. Given the social nature of humans, face-to-face interaction and joint pursuits logically emerge as part of the solution, according to James Nevan Donahue. Following a memorable personal experience, he and Sarah had an epiphany: music and dance are nearly unrivaled when it comes to bringing people together, creating energy, positivity, and sheer entertainment value for everyone involved. The couple realized that such parties would be even more beneficial for seniors as the gatherings would provide much-needed companionship – an element sorely lacking in the lives of this demographic.

As Nevan Donahue often points out, The Real Senior Prom is intended to be “a party that integrates all ages and generations.” Moreover, it is not burdened by any of the considerations and concerns associated with proms: outfits, hairdos, and dates are irrelevant, as are dance skills. The aim is simply to get everyone involved in the fun, using music and dance to foster a sense of companionship while producing some physical benefits along the way. With assistance from a live band, the project hurls people into the whirlwind of dance, lighting up senior homes, centers, and residences with a burst of positivity, amusement, and energy. The motivation of the founders is perhaps best summed up by this statement: “The Real Senior Prom was created because everyone needs and deserves a killer dance party.”

James Nevan Donahue is responsible for strategy and business development at Comedywire.com – a collective of comedic writers catering to the needs of marketers, brands, and individuals. Drawing on the creative power of more than 10,000 content producers, the online social comedy platform provides original ideas in real time, helping clients meet the specific demands of communication in the digital age. Outside of work, Nevan Donahue is a passionate supporter of environmental causes, most notably ocean conservation, and is a board member at the Blue Sphere Foundation.

Nevan Donahue - Head of Strategy and Business Development at ComedyWire.com: http://www.NevanDonahueNews.com

James Nevan Donahue (@james_n_donahue) - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/james_n_donahue/

James N. Donahue - Head of Strategy and Business Development at Comedywire.com - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-n-donahue/

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