National Abuse Survivors Program By Christian Motivational Speaker Launched

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Dr. Selene Maya Author, a leading motivational speaker has launched a program aimed at abuse survivors looking for empowerment and hope in and around Maryland. For Bookings call 301-802-9788

Dr Selene Maya Author, a leading motivational speaker, doctor and practitioner of natural medicine and evangelist, has announced bookings are now open for motivational speeches in and around the Maryland area.

Dr Maya’s video and more about the full range of services is available here

An array of topics are discussed as part of the motivation speeches and talks given by Dr Author, but the common thread is topics that help individuals to conquer emotional pain, mental and physical abuse and spiritual bonds.

Dr Author speaks about the implementation of intentional wellness strategies and spiritual power to create a life that is both desired and fulfilling. Speaking from an authentic position, as someone who has survived poverty and an abusive marriage, allows Dr Author the space to connect with audiences on a higher level.

She has not only survived, but thrived and established a respected ministry, ‘Silent Cry, Loud Echo’, which provides help and support to individuals who have suffered domestic violence including physical and emotional abuse.

Abuse of any kind can cause individuals to feel isolated and blocked from achieving their full potential in life. Dr Author understands this and aims to empower individuals so that they can break-free of the barriers holding them back.

The vision of the mission is to empower, motivate and create next level living for all individuals.. A spokesperson for the company commented, “Many of the motivational speeches given by Dr Author penetrate the soul and refresh the spirit. Her audiences leave feeling revitalized and often experience life-altering moments that can lead to empowerment and a new direction in life.”

They continued, “Dr Author is strongly driven by the desire to help and empower those around her. She understands the devastating impact physical and emotional abuse can have on individuals and aims to support them fully. Individuals looking to host a motivational speaker with the power to change their lives are invited to contact Dr Author to find out more about how she can help.”

Aside from a motivational speaker, Dr Author is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board with over 25 years’ experience of using natural herbs, minerals, vitamins and lifestyle overhauls to assist and enable clients to cleanse and heal their bodies.

Dr Author promotes and supports a holistic approach to healing, in conjunction with natural remedies such as counseling, nutrition and self-care to provide a comprehensive and full health care plan for individuals. For more information, watch her video below.

Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Selene Maya Author,
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Organization: Dr. Selene Maya Author LLC
Address: 5150 Williams Worth rd, Saint Leonard, MD 20685, United States
Phone: +1-301-802-9788

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